A Great Journey (JRPG) - Version 1.2 alpha

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Hey guys,

hope you are fine.

The next alpha version of my game is released.
Some points of this version:
- The journey continues (about 20 - 30 minutes)
- New model for main character Zen
- Changes of some existing scenes
- Magic can be equipped
- Bugfixes

Unfortunately you can't use your old savegame of the last version.
I changed a lot of things in the existing scenes and in what has to be saved in the savegames.
For further versions I try to avoid such inconvenience.

You can download the game here: A Great Journey
(latest version: A_Great_Journey_a1_2_0)

Hope you have fun with it and I would love to hear your feedback. =)


Here some screenshots of the current version:

52 by FrankAtt    51 by FrankAtt

50 by FrankAtt    53 by FrankAtt

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What is your game ?
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This looks interesting! 
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Really nice! I like the Environments they are bright and colorful. Good luck with your project. :D
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Thank you very much! =)
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I look forward to giving it a go!
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Thanks a lot! Hope you have fun with it! =)
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Oooh, interesting! Let me know when it's at least in Beta, then I'll check it out.
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Of course!
I will anounce every bigger step here.
Thank you!
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Are working alone or with a team on this?
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Completly alone =)
But I like it! =D
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Jesus,that's impressive.If you don't mind me asking,how much game developing experince do you have?
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2 years with Unity on this project and some years with the RPG-Maker.
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So I know that this is still in an alpha stage so I'm guessing the game's final graphics won't look that low res.How detailed are they going to be though?I'm sure no game in the world can handle your highly detailed art style without breaking down and exploding,plus it would probably cause performance issues for even the most high end gaming  PCs.Also,how big is the game world going to be?
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Not very detailed. Graphic is not so important for me.
Maybe some improvements here and there.

It will be a small game. Maybe about 3-4 hours.
It takes place in the north east of my created world.
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