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Can I use this art of yours for the cover of a rpg adventure I'm writing?

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That looks amazing!
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How did they get permission from the space EPA to build a whole city like that? lol, great painting though
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This is wonderfully amazing!!
so wide i love it
Wonderful ! Very nice work !
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Is awesomeeee I really can imagine living there is great.
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Really really cool!!
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Whoa! That is dangerous... oh... maybe they have anti-gravity er something
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superb talented artist
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This place doesn't look very safe for a city.
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Thats cool! I'm thinking of having a landscape like this in my book!
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Breathtaking view!
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looks like the battle in avatar?
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really love this piece. awesome!
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What an interesting though subtle twist on the floating island scene! (is the centrepiece floating? It can only be assumed.) We have the almost steampunk airships converging on a city which has simple skyscrapers surrounded by smaller buildings which in turn are surrounded by a lush green forest.. 

Well done to you.
I just wanted to inform you that your work is being shown off on Reddit (don't worry, you are being credited). Just thought you might want to know :)
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I can't Find the words... *o*
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Oh my! This is so gorgeous in so many ways! Also reminds me of WoW and LotR and the same time! Amazing!
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