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Larkos - The Bridge Town

Two month since my last entry. Sorry for this. Lot of work...and Witcher 3...and Batman...=D
Hope you like it! =)

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I need to go to this in a video game

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A bridge like that actually existed; look up "Old London Bridge".

While the real bridge was a lot less rad than this, it had heads on pikes.

Max-Kielsmeier's avatar

I know about the London Bridge.

Max-Kielsmeier's avatar

And don't forget about Ponte Vecchio

Very nice! good idea, nicely done

HammerinInkminer's avatar
...very interesting concept.
Neveh995's avatar
Bridge Reminds a same town in  Game of Thrones. Cool art! =)
cmgraves's avatar
~Sigh~ This is why I have a love/hate relationship with environmental art. It's absolutely beautiful, but I just wish it was real! >#< 
Kordharin's avatar
If that falls... I'm calling London.
FuturePrime's avatar
Build a bridge town once upon a time in minecraft
Dark-Bright-Andy's avatar
I actually tried to do that but...Lets just say it was harder than it looks.
lightbuster40's avatar
I swear your art makes me think of a video game. Nothing specific, just it could be great for a game
AlexSkullUterna's avatar
Reminds me of Skyrim. :D
yereverluvinuncleber's avatar
Your design won the category for Submit Something Steampunk Sunday.

We'll feature it on the group main page.
FrankAtt's avatar
Thank you very much!
I really appreciate it!
dpcdpc11's avatar
beautiful! very peaceful atmosphere!
MiauFrito's avatar
Can we get a version without the text?
Mr-Pink-Rose's avatar
Beautiful and amazing artwork!!!  Makes me wanna see one of those cities in real life!
Jugenmu's avatar
Is this inspired from the Ponte Vecchio in Florence? This is beautiful!!
TheLittleDoodler's avatar
If one of those pillars crumble then entire town is going to have a very difficult time repairing that.
T-Man13's avatar
This is gorgeous. I'm speechless...
WorldsandCenturies's avatar
Bridge cities are an unfortunately unrepresented type of fantasy city.
againerodite's avatar
My problem with this painting is if it is just a one off shot.  Because I would love to get in closer as the houses on the bridge seem
too flimsy, the bridge does not give us any depth to how wide the bridge is, nor does the bridge support on the mainland seem
viable as there is no visible road.  Otherwise this is a wonderful concept, merging the Ponte Vecchio with Mont. St. Michel. 
I hope there will be a closer view.
primnull's avatar
its nice but the bridge supports are too simple and identical
perhaps more of a lower city with rope bridges, access to the ocean for docks and boats would add some depth to the image
also only a few tiny windmills seem silly. I'd make them bigger and closer to the edge of the rocks
it's a great start
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