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Gods Place

Fantasy landscape painting.
Hope u like it =)
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Sokovia's looking good. :P
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I made an animated version here .
I really love your work !
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Somewhere between the Hidden City of the Knox and the Sky Island in Jack The Giant Slayer.

Extremely impressive anyway :)
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it Astounds me how something so simple i mean simple as in floating island looks so Stunning  i would go so far as to say this is my Favorite Landscape piece ive seen on deviant art
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maybe there...i can live better...i can...just by myself...i finally can smile
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Amazing! Well done - love the waterfalls!
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oh god it just gave me an idea :O
this is soo amazing!
promise you will never stop .3.
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So long I can hold a pencil =)
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If the island is floating, I'm sure there's a negative gravitational field he can use.
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This is pretty much excatly like a city in a book i'm writing
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Each idea comes often =)
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I want to go to there! XD
don't have words
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This is beautiful. Great work!
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great sky and illumination!!!! wonderful!
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Thank you very much!
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