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End Of A Good Day

Hope you like it. =)

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What a beautiful and breathtaking landscape~! I love all the little details and the sense of vastness it has~!

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Great Work, Is there any way you would make the board game box cover for a board game a friend and I are planning to launch with Kickstarter?

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You put a lot of effort in your paintings, wonderful!

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Yes, I like it. Ty.
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a very beautiful piece!
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I love this type of art it helps throughout learning and focusing on the background of art
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WOOOO another FrankAtt piece!! <3 This is such a fun one to explore. Thank you so much for sharing, you're the reason I still pop onto DeviantArt from time to time, and I mean that very sincerely.
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Thank you very much!
I really appreciate it! =)
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Absolutely amazing, beautiful depth to it
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Looks great, man! Beautiful landscape, beautiful colors. 
I'm favoriting this. 
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The sense of distance and tranquility in this picture is exceptional.  This is a wonderland I would love to be in.
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Thank you very much!
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This one looks fantastic, I love how the planting fields look. Everything looks so alive and well
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Ooo, looks very nice!! You've truly brought out the vastness of the mountains with the flocks of birds, mist and clouds, the shadowing is also brilliant! :D
I think a nice addition would be a small lone herd of wild horses, goats or maybe sheep on the rugged upper fields on the right side of the river? Just a suggestion, no need to take notice heh 
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Thanks a lot.
In an earlier step there were some sheeps on the grassland. (Near the village)
But it worked not so good for me, so I removed them.
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The End of a Good day is to finish my day looking at this awe-inspiring scandinavian-like scenario. Really beautiful!
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Thank a lot!
Hope it was a good day! =)
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The mountain on the right side is beautiful, the details are incredible, at higher altitudes the vegetation yields to the snow, and from there the river is born, impressive work :o.
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Thank you very much! =)
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