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Painting for the Pen&Paper "B.E.A.R.D.S."…

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Beautiful! 😊💐

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You got 2 men separated by a river, the grass is gree but it's impossible because the grass is always greener on the other side, the other person sees the grass green, but it's always greener on the other side, the soution will be to max saturate both grasses, but even then the grass willl be greener on the other side guy: Sir this is a Wendy's

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This has "stunning" written all over it.

Thank you for your wonderful painting!

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I am a big fan of the role-playing game Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP), game that no longer exists for a long time, and I design adventures/scenarios written by MERP fans, for the MERP fan community.

I really like your creations, and I wanted to know if I could use your image to insert it in a FAN-MERP booklet, knowing that it is not at all for commercial purposes, but only for fans of this old role-playing game.

As I said : "made by fans for fans" 🙂

Naturally, I quote the author's name of the images in the booklet, in credits part.

And I add these informations : "This module is the intellectual property of the authors, art creators and designers. It is intended for private, non-profit use. No portion of this work or material derived from it may be used for commercial purposes without the permission of its authors, creators and designers."

Thank you so much!


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! I love nature and mountains drawings like that! Hope I draw like u someday!

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A really beautiful landscape you've got here. It almost makes me think of Switzerland with all the tall mountains around.
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FINALLY artwork that will help inspire the Iceage landscape for my book, do you have anyidea how hard it is to find art that reflects that old school glaicial landscape, i tell you its near impossable, i must see more of your work :D
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Klasse gemacht =)
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I'd love to live somewhere like this. It looks like the old west, fresh, expansive, beautiful, and full of wonder.
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Nice kandscape. The cooler blue shadows really helps to add that feeling of depth. The way you rendered the grass makes it feel like a traditional painting :D
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Beautiful landscape!
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uurrggghhhh I. Can't. Stop. Favoriting. Your. Art.  Its so epic lol.  This scenery so peaceful.  I love the birds in the distance and the shape of the river through the valley
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Peaceful movement
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Ein wirklich beeindruckendes Bild! Wie eigentlich alle von dir ;)
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Sieht toll aus. Warum ist das nicht im Wiki? Wink/Razz 
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Ist es. =)
Aber der Artikel zu Eirnland ist schon ein offizieller Artikel.
Da kann nur noch Hauke was dazufügen.
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