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Beginning Of A Great Journey

By FrankAtt
Started this personal piece 3 month ago. EDIT: No, I didn't worked the whole 3 month on this piece ;)
Had a lot to do in the last time.
Hope you like it! =)


Step by Step video:…
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Amazing artwork :)

So gorgeous! 😍😍😍 Good work!

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Hello! I'm a filmscore composer and I really like this art, can you let me use it for a super epic track I made? I'll put you on credits! Thank you.

SonOfTchaikovsky's avatar

I must say, you are really good with making a great overall sound and with creating melodies that are pleasant to listen to.

But I must also say that you changed your melodies too quickly. I would start to get into your music and really enjoy listening to a specific part, then the part would change to something of a completely different style (I guess that kind of fits the name "wanderlust," but I would still like more time to enjoy a melody). The changes before I had a chance to enjoy your music made some of the better parts of the piece awkward to listen to.

I believe that giving the listeners time to enjoy things is what separates a professional composer from an amateur, because whenever you compose for someone, whoever will be buying it will be putting it on something lengthy (movie, videogame, etc.), and they'll need a score that can fill the whole piece and still be enjoyable.

Rock on! And good luck with your career!

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Well, in the case of Wanderlust I made it for fun because I was really bored...So yeah, I have over 12 years of experience making music and a Master Degree in composition. Thank you for your feedback. Wanderlust is not a soundtrack or music for any image, however I must disagree with the "Changing melodies too quickly" because I don't "Change" the melody, I develop the whole idea, so if you are use to listen minimalist or pop music which tends to repeat itself thousands of times before changing, I understand your need to stay in a safer ground of harmonic stability.

SonOfTchaikovsky's avatar

Hi Galo110, I am an aspiring composer and would like to hear your music. Where can I find it?

I don't even know what to say, lol. It's breathtaking! I only just found your stuff, but you're already a big inspiration for me!
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holy shit a chunk error
it lookin hella good though
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the thing I like the most about your pictures is that you always use height and depth. all your pictures depict something with impressive scale and is always drawn in a way that part of the background is blocked of by something be it a building or how part of the ocean is blocked by the cliffs in this picture. this always makes me wonder what I could be hidden behind there.
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Amazing artwork
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Hi dear friend,
I'm an author and for sharing my thought and some small pieces of my book on my Instagram and personal website, I need some pictures to be close to my thoughts. I would like to ask you is possible, with your permission share this picture with your credit and copyright information there. I really appreciate your beautiful work. Thank you.
HammerinInkminer's avatar
...what a beautiful landscape.  I can just about picture what it's like to be there.
Gezeitenbrand's avatar
Holy smokes, that is truely amazing. That is an art style that is worthy to work towards to. I've just started to experiment with digital art but now I have a goal. Thank you for your inspiring work.
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Beautiful image. Great detail.
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i love it <3 :)
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outstanding work and a well-deserved DD! :thumbsup:
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Just amazing Heart  so beautiful 
OUdaveguy98's avatar
It is hard to pick just one of your pieces as a favorite, but this might be mine.  Absolutely amazing work.
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This is fucking beautiful :D
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