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A Last Glance Back

By FrankAtt
A gift for a good friend. She leaves germany for one year.
Hope you like it. =)

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Let me just check to see if I've followed you... Yep, thankfully, wouldn't want to remain ignorant of such an amazing artist.

Just... Damn. I would like to compliment the art style, but it looks so damn realistic that anything I said would be like talking about a photo. I'd want to roll around in the grass, climb the mountains, live in the forest. Coastal mountains will always carry significance to me (since I'm Norwegian), and this captures that feeling perfectly. Truly outstanding work.
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Thank you very much!
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Your work is awesome.  You really create magical places people would love to visit. 
otaviodsgn's avatar
I don't know what to say. <3
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Amazing work. Love it!!
I take one more step, it will be the farthest away from home I've ever been.
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Outstanding artwork! it!....:) (Smile)
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I've been staring at your paintings for the last 15 minutes. Everything is so beautiful
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Ah, the ones dedicated to others are the best. Watched and I'll be sure to share your art with the world.
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Is that your friend on the horse looking back?
theTallGiraffe's avatar
Knew it! That's awesome though, it's such an amazing painting!GIF Gravity Falls - A Pony (Celestabellebethabell) 
I wonder if I can use this as background on website, although its sister sites (, and :) (Smile) 
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Lol. my first thought was Lord of the rings scene. This is amazing!
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So calm, i want to be there!
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Can I marry this painting? :iconweddingringplz:
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Epic! so amazing!
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Absolutely Breathtaking.

So beautiful! 
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