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As almost monthly, a feature of wonderful Artworks made with our stock, but first we want to say a huge THANK YOU to :iconcelticstrm-stock: for featuring our 2nd DD!! Thank you so much Cheryl!! :huggle:'s

Our DD :
                                                          Snail1 Stock by FrankAndCarySTOCK
A little feature of Cheryl's awesome stock :
  Shark Freebie by CelticStrm-Stock by CelticStrm-Stock  Whoa Bright Dragon Freebie by CelticStrm-Stock by CelticStrm-Stock  Kittens by CelticStrm-Stock by CelticStrm-Stock  Dry River Stock by CelticStrm-Stock (2) by CelticStrm-Stock 

Feature 4 of Wonderful Artworks made with our stock (June 29th - August 5th)

<da:thumb id="473173240"/>  Red riding hood by AufrichtigStimme  Snail by sameelmk  Come Fly With Me by Padfoot7411  Rotkaeppchen by kuschelirmel  COMM: BLIGHTGAS, SWEET LULLABIES by Falony  <da:thumb id="472846958"/>  She Who Dared To Dream by PetyaPlamenova  Beyond the horizon by CharllieeArts  Don't look don't look by iliumleather  CD cover front and back or book cover for sale by KarinClaessonArt  <da:thumb id="471277865"/>  Why the crows fly... by shadeley  Winter is Coming by ErikShoemaker  SnowWhite by BrennsArtAttic  QueenOfCrows2014 by G-GraphiX59  Daenerys by AlexAlonso-stock  The legend of the raven by tarzans  <da:thumb id="471875619"/>  Crows by vampirekingdom  Bride by AlexAlonso-stock  Passion of Mind by artofphotograhy  Night Capture by Bar1jp  As the crow flies by Channeling-Spirits  <da:thumb id="472185189"/>      Take me far away by EstherPuche-Art  It's always summer under the sea by Dreamsnare  Castle On The Hill - dheean by dheean  <da:thumb id="472491910"/>  Princess of the Crows.. by AledJonesDigitalArt  A misty dawn-Egy kodos hajnal 4 by ladyjudina  Lady Of The Lake by alkab-art  <da:thumb id="471346431"/>  Crow by NataliaRafinska  Pink Angel by Alveregn  Survivors by noro8  My Secret Place by VeilaKs  paradise circus by Cences    Time is up! by rigoszabi    Sakura Fairy -Sakura tunder by ladyjudina  'Angelic' by zacky7avenged  Tomorrow Will Be Better - dheean by dheean  Your elephant will be delivered in two days. by Bonnetfringuant  The Raven Queen by petronellavanree  . soul . by canidae-codex  the ten year wait by L-A-Addams-Art  Melody by Lwsypher  The Orphan's Angel  by LindArtz  And the drumbeat carries on by Channeling-Spirits  <da:thumb id="468513931"/>  <da:thumb id="468537716"/>  Forgotten Ruins by noro8  the Light by Rexionete  Your favorite game by Channeling-Spirits    <da:thumb id="468945252"/>      Ghost of a Rose by MoonRoseEternity  West Coast -lana del rey by L-A-Addams-Art  Angel And Feather 2 by Alveregn  5 dark Souls by ED-Creations  Inquisicio by AbaddonArt  1efc by violetxfire  Lonely Afternoon - dheean by dheean  Lakeside-Topart by ladyjudina  A riddle you say... by dresew  With-friends-in-strange-forest by AnGel-Perroni  Angel and Demon by Jaffar-ps  <da:thumb id="469277376"/>  La Regina del Mare Oscuro by FABRYKING61  El Fauno by MarcoHerrera  The Cold Kind by Channeling-Spirits  hide you little faery by hardReboot  Book Laura Cuenca by Marazul45  <da:thumb id="469339155"/>  Birds Flyin' High by O-okami-I  Catch Me If You Can by Miss-deviantE  INSPIRADO POR MUERTE by TofuOnDaMenu  Magic Spell Book - dheean by dheean  Fireflies by ladyjudina  <da:thumb id="469368361"/>  <da:thumb id="469906569"/>  The angel of sadness by tryskell  <da:thumb id="468593500"/>  The Raven by ShootingStarStudio    <da:thumb id="470444803"/>    Welcome friend by duzetdaram  <da:thumb id="470218285"/>  Requiem- Balada de los muertos. by Puertuki  <da:thumb id="470017997"/>  <da:thumb id="469721333"/>  Still a long way to go (close up) by Elsapret  Still a long way to go by Elsapret  When Angels Fly Away by CLAY-ISH  Rainy-night by AnGel-Perroni  laylat-al-qadr 2014 by Mandelblute  Autum fairy by LittleFairyArt  Shelter by LaChrome    The Lady and the Wolf by CrisestepArt  <da:thumb id="468047638"/>  Happy Hour by zoneekap  Underwater by Quantmn  Life by HussainHashim  <da:thumb id="467622670"/>  THE DARK CASTLE by KerensaW    Queen of the Cats by pareeerica  Evening under the tree by Handerin  <da:thumb id="467299074"/>  Road to Nowhere by noro8    The Guardians by KiyaSama  Midnight Wanderers by ShootingStarStudio  <da:thumb id="466747113"/>    Sunset at Ease by Ecrit-Studios  The Tree by KittenPaws4848    The Lady Of The Night by KarinaAlbuquerque  The Curse Of The Crows by KarinaAlbuquerque    Lost Wings by vampirekingdom  Final Stand by ED-Creations    Vampiress by kimsol  Space II by KittenPaws4848  Nahkhiir by Penhuin  Proud Father by Karen-Burke  Fire Sword - dheean by dheean 

Mature Content

Painting of the evil by CharllieeArts
  Mother Nature by RankaStevic  Ravenheart by ObscureLilium  Wonderful Afternoon - dheean by dheean  <da:thumb id="464561485"/>  <da:thumb id="464430176"/>  Lifes Choices by theheek  Crow chained by Claudine2011  The Guilt Of Uncomplicated Thoughts by MoodyBlue 

Thank you all so much for using our Stock, we're always glad it was usefull! :hug:'s

Recent works on our Art Account :iconcaryandfrankarts:

industry in Antwerpen by CaryAndFrankArts  Fly by CaryAndFrankArts  Wings by CaryAndFrankArts  The Arrival by CaryAndFrankArts  Bee by CaryAndFrankArts  Evolution by CaryAndFrankArts    Water Cock by CaryAndFrankArts  Orange by CaryAndFrankArts  My old Piano by CaryAndFrankArts

Thank you all for your continious support!
Frank & Cary :hug:'s


Our Stock is Free and Unrestricted, meaning:

  • Anyone can use our Stock, DeviantArt member or just someone passing by our account

  • Our Stock may be used on DA or on other Sites, always with link to our account

  • Our Stock is to be used for manipulations or also as reference for drawings/paintings, always with credit

  • DA Prints are allowed

  • Commercial use of our Stock:

    -You may use our stock in manipulations you want to sell, like :

      - bookcovers (with link to our account)

      - cd covers (we prefer a link to our account, but if it's not possible because of little space on a cd cover we understand) 


- In case of publication of your work in magazines, you also need to credit our account

- No racism, political, pornography or abuse in any way

For LOGO’s we ask you to note us first, because for logo’s we ask DA-credits


Please show us your work, we love to see what you made and fave it ;)

If you use more than one of our stocks in a manipulation, just tell it on our profile, no need to tell it on each image you used.


Be creative and have fun ;)


Frank & Cary

safe the animals by gestandene  Fragile2 by Alveregn  The Prophet - dheean by dheean  
 falling pencils by BestBower     Manipura: Zavershenie \ Ending by Lyssiana         Where is your faith? by CharllieeArts

  by aaen90    The lake-A to by ladyjudina    Der fliegende Lotus by melonenmann    Breathe by Ecrit-Studios

Melody Maker by Ecrit-Studios         the collectors room by magicsart         

Storm Dancing by marymo1975    Great Gazebo - dheean by dheean    Far Away ... by Kermena-Designs    

Zitox by Bela-designs  New dimension by AleksandarN  The Soul by Rexionete  The Wait by KiyaSama  Burtonesque by amethystmoonsong

Landing on a Rainbow by Elsapret  Pain by duzetdaram    Love Forever by marcosnogueiracb 

Guardian of souls by MelFeanen  So schmeckt der Sommer by lenyca  The red queen by feathersnchains  One that invoke birds by elinatomina 

the dark secret by magicsart  I Could Stand Alone Here by MoodyBlue    a couple of Draculla - dheean by dheean

My Lady 2 by ladyjudina  <da:thumb id="460955814"/>  Summer's Kiss by lostfootsteps-art    Great Waterfall - dheean by dheean

A Midsummer Night's Dream by Robo-Comicstar    Bernhard und Bianca by AndraKa  Crow of blades by darkshellie23

    <da:thumb id="460101472"/>  Fairy Tales_Giant Snake - dheean by dheean 

Looking into the future by SaFram  Angel by FreezyDavySmokey  Winter Storm Manip by XtremeMystery  The crow.... by pvleminx  Waiting by einstein64k

fly by Talirion  Catacombs Chapter by VaLeNtInE-DeViAnT  <da:thumb id="458859387"/>  Fishing With Monster by Mr-Ripley    by aaen90

The heart of flower-A sziv viraga 4 by ladyjudina  <da:thumb id="459187200"/>  Sunset by foxyfirewings  En tierra de dragones by CrisestepArt  Tormented. by Marazul45  Water Fairy -Vizitunder 2 by ladyjudina

    viaje by eross-666     the Dark Fairy Queen by Super-Fan-Wallpapers      Movement by GrandGuignolBudapest  Sundown, Sunrise by Andaelentari

  No Better Time Than Now by aapex  Highlander - The Immortal by Splat-Shot  Piff and Fairy 2-Piff es a Tunder 2 by ladyjudina  The Time Keepers by pvleminx

Fading Away by LittleOph  LADY ON THE LEDGE by KerensaW  El Salto by Puertuki  Free Fallin' by Fractured-Pegasus  BullsEye by dedicahmad

FANTASTIC FOREST by Noxart-graphics  Tree House by Lolpopbob  BRIDGE OF DREAMS by KerensaW  Toxic Wednesday by noro8  Untitled by Blubirdss

Mature Content

Last View (Color Version) by artofphotograhy
   <da:thumb id="457417011"/>   Lindsey Stirling - Fantasy Violinist  HQ 1920x1080 by FABRYKING61   <da:thumb id="457186028"/>    Mini Ocean by FreezingFlame98

Live your Dreams by Kurtzan  Despair by Claudine2011  The stranger Angel 1 by annemaria48    Forest Fun by debzdezigns-lamb68

Draw Req 8 - TheDoctor2000 by BiCOV  Steampunk Woman by annemaria48  Wild by KhaosTheory455  Project Resurrection by AbnormalityCH  Another Dream_02 by caddman  bridge by Silvia15
blithe by confuzzledMia  Femme-lac by Mahhona  The Siren by katmary      <da:thumb id="455984365"/>

Flora and Garden 3Flora, es a kert 3 by ladyjudina    To be alone together by Claudine2011    Birds by axymaid 

A lovely dream by tryskell  The Hot Babe by feathersnchains    Water Island by aga91  Physical Pain by kiwi8686

Collage 09 by AriennedeBoer  IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT........ by KerensaW    Bears Meeting -Medvek talalkozoja 2 by ladyjudina  Fairway 5-Hajout 5 by ladyjudina

  Darkness by OrlandoBrooks  House Tomato by marcosnogueiracb  <da:thumb id="454736892"/>  Fear by aga91

Nightmare by ricochet56  Faerie Queen by VeilaKs  who is lurking behind by Alveregn  Texture5 by Alveregn  Autumn in forest by Alveregn

Lion coast by Cleo-Bizarre  Meeting at midnight by black-cat16  They are coming by katmary  Deadly kiss by tryskell  Front-Side Baked, Turn Over by jojo22

These Wonderful Artworks are made from May 15th till now, thank you so much for using our Stock, we're always glad it was usefull! :hug:'s

Recent photography and works on our Art account :iconcaryandfrankarts:

Home Delivery by CaryAndFrankArts  Love Shines A Light by CaryAndFrankArts  Ladybug by CaryAndFrankArts  Swan Lake by CaryAndFrankArts  Catch of the Day by CaryAndFrankArts

Thank you all for your continious support!
Frank & Cary :hug:'s
Comme dans un conte de fees-Mint a meseben by ladyjudina  Warrior princess by Mandelblute  <da:thumb id="447501030"/>  Defiance by vampirekingdom  Waiting for the Easter Bunny by Elsapret  Melancholy by kiwi8686  Stones of life by little-one-girl  Rustle of revival by jackodeco  Echec by jackodeco  Mishak by Bela-designs  Zooiink by Bela-designs  <da:thumb id="448818474"/>  Threads Of An Old Life by MoodyBlue  Rise From Your Grave by zoneekap
   Forgettable Events In The Universe by MoodyBlue  Lady Crow by Claudine2011  Touch the Light by Altair-E  <da:thumb id="448552854"/>  Look Up by editedbymbn   Last hope - Poseidon by PlaviDemon  The Return of Autumn by Lamentine

  <da:thumb id="448473616"/>  Ebb and Flow by Lusiphur220  13 by jiajenn  The Birth of an Idea by Brittany-Faith   <da:thumb id="450324410"/>  King of the Mountain by micheleoxton  Dolphins-Delfinek 3 by ladyjudina
Misty dawn 8-Kodos hajnalon 8 by ladyjudina  Rust of the Time by noro8       
Vanish by TheWanderer2030  magic spring by EveBlackwood  Dragons Attack - Run if you can by Altair-E  I can taste the failure on your lips by Yellwolf  Lady Eve's afternoon by K-Escarlata  Good friends-Jobaratok 2 by ladyjudina  Alcohol by maniatyko
Lady of the Apocalypse by noro8  Driving You Bananas by jojo22  Creation Myth by Frama  When the night calls by Birdsatalcatraz  Dawn by sgorbissa  Shadow Box by Lusiphur220  <da:thumb id="450702518"/> 
Portal by tsheva  Insanity by obereg  The Treasure by annemaria48  Last Ride by FreezyDavySmokey  The End Of The Childhood by axymaid    Distraction by greyfortofmars
Balloon by FantasyArt0102  C: Solace by impassioned-dreams  <da:thumb id="451516425"/>  Bjorn Signature by debzdezigns-lamb68  The Proposal of the Mirror by vampirekingdom  HANNIBAL SIGNATURE by VaLeNtInE-DeViAnT  Trauma by mimikascraftroom
Hannibal Signature by VaLeNtInE-DeViAnT  Devil's face by Altair-E  Guardian angel by ladyjudina  Our Secret Spot by KCsummerz  Depurgate by Jcdow3Arts  Cersei by VaLeNtInE-DeViAnT  Dreams Made Flesh by eerilyfair
Shine A Light. by arxzero  Isolated by Teddy-Cube  Rebekah The Originals Blend by VaLeNtInE-DeViAnT  <da:thumb id="452883762"/>  Karin Stark by Wesley-Souza    Maleficent by KCsummerz
WHY ME? by KerensaW    Chains-Lancok 2 by ladyjudina  1471895 483553898425243 1825604345 by ChautariyaRoshan  1460292 476550062458960 1449640050 N by ChautariyaRoshan  1604391 552730881507544 6703897687523027195 N by ChautariyaRoshan  Red and her Wolves by TaniaART Doorway by Nameda  Enjoy Life by KCsummerz  The Harbinger of Storms by EnviousHorse  The Sky Stallion[Commission] by EnviousHorse  Torrent by EnviousHorse    After Us by Kurtzan
  Tu es mon autre .... by Eymele  While You Sleep by TheDarkRayne  Solemn Spring by amazinglife2011  <da:thumb id="453096802"/>    Dragon's Child by VeilaKs

These Wonderful Artworks are made from April 13th till now, thanks so much for using our Stock, we're always glad it was usefull! :hug:'s

Recent photography on our Art Account :iconcaryandfrankarts:

Revealing by CaryAndFrankArts   Posing by CaryAndFrankArts  Green Spring Tulips by CaryAndFrankArts Catch of the Day by CaryAndFrankArts    Thinking by CaryAndFrankArts   

Thank you all for your continious support!

Frank & Cary :hug:'s
Desert Dance by Nikki-vdp   <da:thumb id="435345991"/>   Egglephant by Esveeka   Wall Of Conquest by KarinClaessonArt   Queen Of Darkness by AsepPhotoshoper   Haunted by Birdsatalcatraz    Girl in the Green by malkavian30504 Rain-Eso by ladyjudina  Wet Wall-Vizes fal by ladyjudina   High in the sky by thatoneangelfish   <da:thumb id="435300892"/>   Doctor Who   La nuit de Jelly Fish by jackodeco     Spring Magic by Elsapret   Raven by AliaChek   <da:thumb id="438447768"/>   Maleficent by silviya   Wrath by AndyGarcia666   Blind Faith by Mafia--xX   Playground by Frama   Mama by jackodeco   R o a m  F r e e by KCsummerz   Flying Black Bird by Guidob83   Plain-crash by Decome1977  Sweet Lulluby by magicsart  Protection Dark by FABRYKING61   Forest Pegasus Layout by kool007kat   Blocks by jiajenn   Dark Angel or Dark Fairy by jiajenn   Sunset, and a mermaid-Naplemente, es a mermaid by ladyjudina   O sole mio by ladyjudina   The-prayer by Decome1977   COMM:  Lazzeh by Falony   Fairy Tale by kiwi8686   Maleficent by alkab-art   Would you please give me my freedom? by PSCassiopeiia   Suspended Flight by zach84   A Rumor in Silence by vampirekingdom   Meteor by KarinClaessonArt   Spring Fairy by EstherPuche-Art   <da:thumb id="443111645"/>   <da:thumb id="442981881"/>   Flowers and Poems by vampirekingdom   Divinity - Working With The Goddesses and Gods by theASTRARIUM     VIOLET FOREST by Jennabeeeans   Alpine landscape II-Alpesi taj II by ladyjudina  

Mature Content

Yesterday Dream_12 by caddman
   <da:thumb id="443960757"/>   Wonderful time by CrisestepArt  

Mature Content

Shades Of Smoke by Silivrene
   LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER by KerensaW      AN ERA GONE BY.......... by KerensaW     Too Long Waitin wm by Sophia-Christina      La Dama Cuervo by DenysDigitalArtwork   Full moon by Claudine2011   <da:thumb id="444483437"/>   In  the forest by Claudine2011   Men destroy, Angels cry. by Altair-E         Long Legged Larry And His Brother Harry by crilleb50   <da:thumb id="444906643"/>   The Calling by ash-interrupted      waiting for my dark lover by MarkOoMarben   The Messenger by StarfireArizona   Firebird by tryskell   Into the Wild by lorenzArts   Migrating geese-Vonulo vadludak by ladyjudina   Serengeti by MililaniMak   I Was Broken by MataHari22   Old car 2-Regi auto 2 by ladyjudina   Manga Girl by AmbreRosa   Life In The Sky by akramkamil   Blind Faith by amethystmoonsong   The Moon my Mother by Marjie79   -We'll meet again someday- by Emy-san   <da:thumb id="445302993"/>            Upon the Horizon by sharkbaithuhaha   Met. Ancient epic Scandinavians by MariaSemelevich   Gloria by jiajenn   <da:thumb id="446119579"/>   Long Ways Home by lostfootsteps-art   <da:thumb id="446051662"/>   Patient Love by amethystmoonsong   Eternal Hope by amethystmoonsong   Hidden on my glass house by jiajenn   Like a Dream by KCsummerz   Equine, Pegasus and Unicorn Template by inapatricia   Salvation by MCerickson            Aqua by jiajenn    Killing Loneliness by Altair-E     Sea by jiajenn       C a l m by KCsummerz           Touched the price of immortality by little-one-girl

These Wonderful Artworks are made from March till now, thanks so much for using our stock, we're always glad it was useful! :hug:'s

Recent photography and works on our Art Account :iconcaryandfrankarts:

Robin by CaryAndFrankArts   Hearts by CaryAndFrankArts   The Whole of The Moon by CaryAndFrankArts    A look into the Future by CaryAndFrankArts     Head News by CaryAndFrankArts     Blackbird by CaryAndFrankArts  Finch by CaryAndFrankArts   The Portal by CaryAndFrankArts        

Thank you all for your continious support!
Frank & Cary :hug:'s 

Hi friends and watchers,


In the middle of februari we catched up deviations and answered messages, and the next day we opened our accounts and saw...many deviations and messages again, and we decided to close accounts for a while, 'cause it was getting a bit to much, with over 800 watchers/friends each it was becoming a daily job:), wich is not the meaning, it still has to stay a hobby.

When the weather is fine (like last 2 weeks we had lovely spring weather), we want to go out walking and take photos,  and we also have daily babysitting on the grandchildren after school, and as you already probably noticed, we also make manips and photography to participate on Worth1000 contests,so we searched for a solution for still being on DA, but spending less time than before on the computer, and…we found a way to do this;)

From now on our accounts will be re-named,  the “Frank-1956” account will become our  “Stock” account, we both will provide stock there, with photos or PNG’s made by us both, and on this account we will fave the deviations made with our stock, we won’t be there daily, but will provide you with stock as much as possible and watch the works made with our stock regularly. In the next weeks all stock on the “cavami” account will be transfered to this account.

Our rules stay the same as before, our stock is:

  • Free and Unrestricted, so use outside DA is allowed, but for commercial use please contact us first

  • Show us your work, we love to see what you made and want to fave it


The “cavami” account will become our “Art” account, with manipulations and photography, made by both of us.

On this account we will watch and fave the deviations made by our friends/watchers.


This way catching up deviations and answering messages will go easier,  the one of us who has most time on that moment will do that.


Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Frank and Cary
:hug:’s from us both


Hi Friends and Watchers,

Cavami and I have a busy time ahead, school-summer-vacation starts in a week, so we have a lot of babysitting to do, we're planning lots of daily trips with the grandchildren;)
So we won't have much time to be on the computer, that's why we decided to have a DA-break during the holidays.
In september we'll be back with new photo's!!
We wish you a wonderful summer with lots of :sun:

A big :hug: from us both!!

All kinds of art from Friends and Watchers

:iconbossie-boots: :bigthumb352552764: :bigthumb352763224: :bigthumb354631226:
:iconjannafairyart: Promises by JannaFairyArt Tale of a Rose by JannaFairyArt Child of Summer by JannaFairyArt
:iconfelifee: shiny copper... by FeliFee magic xmas flower... by FeliFee magical lantern... by FeliFee
:iconjoe-maccer: Dream On by Joe-Maccer :bigthumb325351080: Saturday Night by Joe-Maccer
:iconphilluppus: :bigthumb207325990: MANDALA DESIGN 141 by Philluppus MANDALA DESIGN 135 by Philluppus
:iconumbraatramentum: Burning (FINISHED COLOUR) by UmbraAtramentum Meerkat by UmbraAtramentum

Mature Content

Happy Easter by UmbraAtramentum

:iconbib993: Hexasphere 2 by bib993 Birth of the shield by bib993 Modmod Arena by bib993
:iconsaza11: Free Your Heart by saza11 Waste Land Queen by saza11 Blue Humanoid by saza11
:iconkurofur: Chibi L- first try on tablet by kurofur Or..Me? ^^ by kurofur Training  :I by kurofur
:iconjoorechiii: Kagamine twins by Joorechiii Secret Santa by Joorechiii Icon by Joorechiii
:iconlupsiberg: Riverside by Lupsiberg Apo-Vegetation 02 by Lupsiberg Challenge 77 by Lupsiberg
:iconsilberstreif1905: thorn castle by Silberstreif1905 nr144 moonchild by Silberstreif1905 tweak(nr 128) by Silberstreif1905
:icon000skyarrow000: Tears In Heaven (InuYasha Kikyou forever) by 000SkyArrow000 Gold knight by 000SkyArrow000 Sleepy Hollow by 000SkyArrow000
:iconsleepy-kc: Enjolras (a more refined version) by sleepy-KC Les Miserables Anne Hathaway by sleepy-KC African Violets by sleepy-KC
:iconkgustafso: In a world of cubes.... by Kgustafso Ma-trixed... by Kgustafso Winter chill.. by Kgustafso
:iconthelma1: Ribbons and a Marble by Thelma1 Time  Machine by Thelma1 The Orb's Gate by Thelma1
:icondiza-74: Fractal love by DiZa-74 Max by DiZa-74 Mushroom by DiZa-74
:iconbuggs38: :bigthumb349935269: :bigthumb345834535: :bigthumb343638703:
:iconlayperson: :bigthumb351971269: :bigthumb349954656: :bigthumb345279635:
:iconandreawidgetart: Sea Dragon Faerie by AndreaWidgetArt Subterranean Dawn 2: Uncharted Waters by AndreaWidgetArt Notre Dame Basilica by AndreaWidgetArt
:iconart-by-stephanie: :bigthumb317907436: :bigthumb313931856: :bigthumb309207499:
Photography from wonderful Friends!!!!:w00t:

:iconcaryandfrankarts: Castle Brasschaat (Back) by CaryAndFrankArts Inside family Chapel Peter Paul RUBENS by CaryAndFrankArts
:icongigi50: Frosty coated by gigi50 :bigthumb351358587:  
:iconsupersnappz: :bigthumb354448902: :bigthumb354085603:
:iconcactusmumkate: A heart for winter time by cactusmumkate Filling the gaps 7 by cactusmumkate
:iconbricksandstones: Waiting for the winter by BricksandStones Cathedral in Caucasus by BricksandStones
:iconjophesxi: Hidden gem by JophesXI Frozen by JophesXI
:iconpingallery: The Wallenstein Palace I by pingallery Berlin Central Station by night by pingallery
:icondamainnero: Crystalised Dreams by DamaInNero Prague I by DamaInNero
:iconshlomitmessica: Under the almond tree by ShlomitMessica Descending the mountain by ShlomitMessica
:iconwonderer1000: The long and winding road by Wonderer1000 Station 1 crowded color by Wonderer1000
:iconcloudwhisperer67: Pink Bleeding-heart - Coeur de Marie - Dicentra by Cloudwhisperer67 This colorful bird is in love with a tree! by Cloudwhisperer67
:iconvelgmon: Kuro by velgmon Fireworks by velgmon
:iconlucilaleyla: Have I Told You Lately by LUCILALEYLA Happy Valentine's Day by LUCILALEYLA
:iconjuno-janus: :bigthumb353904167: :bigthumb354826620:
:iconsugaree-33: MY SHARONA by Sugaree-33 PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC TOMKILBANE! by Sugaree-33
:iconphilluppus: Rose Red Yellow IV by Philluppus Narcis Yellow III by Philluppus
:iconbright-eyes0115: A Cooler Understanding by Bright-Eyes0115 Kona by Bright-Eyes0115
:iconclaudia008: Spiderflower by Claudia008 Rose 2 by Claudia008
:iconmeganjoy: Winter tea by meganjoy Treasure by meganjoy
:iconmr-farts: Fire Escape by Mr-farts Stuck in Dreams by Mr-farts
:iconblackheresy: Comme voler sur ses ailes... by BlackHeresy Lady Luna by BlackHeresy
:iconshachar-art: :bigthumb322583627: :bigthumb354656155:
:iconconnysworld: :bigthumb261751904: :bigthumb332987351:
:iconjessicadobbs: Grandmother's Flowers by JessicaDobbs Moo? by JessicaDobbs
:iconsarapereiraart: Colorful wind by SaraPereiraArt Umbrellas at the sun by SaraPereiraArt
:iconmarmotica: Trandafir - 113 by Marmotica :bigthumb322107734:
:iconmayankismad: :bigthumb338141941: :bigthumb338053251:
:iconphoto-exile: My precious by photo-exile Blue tit by photo-exile
:iconpridescrossing: Old Mill Stock by PridesCrossing For Edie by PridesCrossing
:iconsarah-hann-photo: Mandarin in the spray by Sarah-Hann-photo