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7ContextMenuImageChanger 32 Bits Only

By frank1n
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Works on WINDOWS XP , Vista & 7 32 Bits


1.-Click "Install Dll". The Explorer will restart automatically.
2.-Browse a Image and click Apply...
3.-Wait a few seconds...

How to uninstall :

1.- Click "Uninstall Dll". The Explorer will restart automatically.

2.- Uninstalled!

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domingoadrianProfessional Interface Designer
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BladeMightStudent General Artist
Cool :)
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Moonlight-M3lodyHobbyist Writer
Neat app. I've been wanting this for a long time. Too bad I use x64.
If you're not working on this anymore, can you tell me other software with similar functionality for x64?

Thank you!
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I think there's no app that changes the context menu for 64 bits.
Because dll file only works in 32 Bits. Sorry :(.
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Moonlight-M3lodyHobbyist Writer
I see. That's too bad. The default is really bland and it ruins the theme I've worked so hard on, being the only out-of-place element compared to the rest.
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I want to change my context menu too :(
This is the history of this app :
I developed this app with a OS of 32 bits( My old Laptop ).
But my laptop just stopped working and now i'm using a OS of 64 Bits (my brother's laptop). I have the project of this app, and i tried a lot of time to make it compatible with a OS of 64 Bits, but, i noticed that file is only compatible with 32 Bits and i stopped working in this app.
Moonlight-M3lody's avatar
Moonlight-M3lodyHobbyist Writer
Hi! Apparently it's not entirely failed. I just noticed that my context menu background actually changed, but only if I right-click in any open dialog. Look at this screenshot. So the file can be modified even in x64, but it doesn't yield the same result.
I've tried to apply it via safe mode and administrator account, but I can't tell when exactly the change took place.
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Não funciona em Windows 64 bits... bua bua bua!!! Por favor nos ajuda aew!!! HELP-ME!!!
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vth88 Writer
doesn't works for 64 bits :((, 64bits plzzzzzz
Ashorus's avatar
please one for 64 bits :...0
Elmer-BeFuddled's avatar
I'm with andreascy and the others. 64 bit needed!
andreascy's avatar
hey frank1n when will u make a version for 64 bit users? we want to try it too :)
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:-( It doesn't work on XP Professional (German, 32 Bit)
On my W7 it works fine...
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but, after are you gonna make it for 64 bits ??? (i hope so)
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Nice Tool... I would like to see the context menu exported reg file... so I could cherry pick the items I would like...

Seems like I could add some to my collection

Administrative Tools: control admintools

Change Cursor: control main.cpl,,1

Change Date / Time: control timedate.cpl

Change Regional Settings: control intl.cpl

Folder Options: control folders

Fonts: control fonts

Internet Options: control inetcpl.cpl

Network Connections:control ncpa.cpl

Power Options: control powercfg.cpl

Printers: control printers

Programs and Features: control appwiz.cpl

Registry Editor: regedit

Security Center: control wscui.cpl

Security Configuration: msconfig

System Properties: control sysdm.cpl

Task Manager: taskmgr

Task Scheduler: Control schedtasks

Turn Firewall On / Off: control firewall.cpl

User Accounts: Control userpasswords

User Accounts Classic: Control userpasswords2
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PeterRollarHobbyist General Artist
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WhiteWraithHobbyist General Artist
Will the text automatically be contrasted or will it (the program) do it for you?
Also what image formats and sizes are usable?
frank1n's avatar
Image Formats : Jpeg , png , bmp.
Size: The choise is yours
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WhiteWraithHobbyist General Artist
Thank you.
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WoW Good Work Man Love It
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Don't work for me (win7 x64)
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