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Paper size A2. 0.03mm H pencil.
Image details
Image size
2489x1667px 1.45 MB
Shutter Speed
10/4000 second
Focal Length
6 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jul 8, 2012, 3:12:43 PM
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ThePivotFan2013's avatar
The skin color looks awesome :)
Frank-Lode's avatar
No colors here. Head - HB technical pencil.... oops.. empty... Damn..only H left.. After that... photographed in sunlight. Hmm.. two
different tones. :)
android65mar's avatar
Great texture on the skin
sketcherjak's avatar
Hell yes tarbosaurus! I especially love the arch of his head and the slope of the snout. He's all "Outta mah way!" har!
SuperCJ's avatar
This image would be better if his right foot were planted on the ground with all toes, instead of just the one. I assume you were going for a sense of charging speed or something, but it would look more powerful and realistic with the whole foot on the ground.
quicksilver123's avatar
great stuff ;)

reminds me of the t. bataar illegally auctioned in NY :\
Frank-Lode's avatar
It is. I used the same skeleton as a reference.:)
PeteriDish's avatar
the technique is really awesome! did you base it on a reference or is it freehand? you see, it seems to me that the forelegs are too high on the body and too close to the neck, but that's my only criticism. The rest is just brilliant ;) the scales must've been a pain in he neck to draw. :deviation:
Frank-Lode's avatar
The skeleton is a reference from the image of Tarbosaurus going to auction in China. I draw first skeleton of the grid I create on the computer, so I do the same on paper. I have some freehand drawing dinosaurs. For example. Giganotosaurus lying on the ground and Concavenator images. The scales take looong time to draw, but I enjoy it. To see the dinosaur take shape, is a great pleasure.
PeteriDish's avatar
oh. thanks for the info!
Frank-Lode's avatar
I can see in the picture, that I forgot to bring the shadow on the upper arm further down.
PeteriDish's avatar
it doesn't matter. it's still amazing! =)
waynecampbell-art's avatar
Amazing!!! It's awesome the way you rounded out the form.
And I thought I was detail minded.
Frank-Lode's avatar
Glad you like it. I saw a picture of a rooster without feathers, and thought .. hmm .. Maybe ... (The animal was very muscular.) .. And I love details. All the pictures I draw is a training process. I'm oil painting dinosaurs later.
waynecampbell-art's avatar
A wonderful use of the imagination.
I,too, love the details.
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