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Zoarassari Creature Concept Sheet

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Location  Experiment 18

The Zoarassari are fiercely territorial, males in particular are prone to high levels of aggression and will attack each other, often to the death. They have a nearly 360 field of vision, two pairs of eyes face forward and two face to the sides. Their spines are serated and will detach, sticking into its attackers. These spines quickly grow back.

Experiment 18 is a world building project I started with help from my friend back in college for my capstone project a couple years ago. Trapped on a dying planet, humanity seeks salvation in the stars. But after every effort ends in tragedy, it looks like all hope is lost. Until one day a forgotten experiment suddenly activates, sending a handful of scientific and military personal halfway across the galaxy. Throw into worlds of alien life, both civilized and savage, our protagonists seek the answer to one questions, "If so much life was just beyond our star, why have we never heard from them? Or them from us? With more being manipulated than just politics, will Humanity find a new home amongst the Galaxy at Large, or be relegated to extinction on their blighted world?

If you are interested in seeing more of my work my Instagram is efraner and my ArtStation is franeres!

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