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Sepcaudamus Creature Concept Sheet


The Sepcaudamus have 6 prehensile limbs that can tuck in to stay low profile and get into tight spaces. It can also use these limbs to make quick getaways and to secure themselves in the canopy.

Their diet consists of mostly fruit and some small insects. The Sepcaudamus also has iridescent fur that glimmers in sunlight. This helps to attract mates and disorient predators.

If you are interested in seeing more of my work my Instagram is efraner and my ArtStation is franeres!

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Er, you should edit that? Unless I am mistaken and TAILS are not considered limbs now? Because I definitely see a tail. Otherwise kewl Tentacle Monkey!
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Tails aren't considered limbs, appendages, but not limbs. Limbs are legs and wings
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Very creative and cool!