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Rynyx Creature Sculpt Sheet



This is a model I sculpted in Zbrush, rendered in Keyshot, and composited in Photoshop. I am working on sculpting up my previously designed creatures!

The Rynyx has pits under the skull plate that allow it to sense heat and detect the lights of other Rynyx. The plates on it's back open up to reveal a bioluminescent organ, these lights are used as communication and to intimidate others. The lights allow Rynyx to identify individuals, the heat and light that the organ puts off is unique to each Rynyx, similar to a fingerprint. Tendrils in the mouth function for communication and rattle together as a form of language. Their hands have evolved to be able to flip onto complex surfaces in the tunnels.

Thick hides of layered, keratinized plates protect them from the scoring winds, searing heats, and high levels of atmospheric radiation of their planet.

The other adaptation the Rynyx developed was an emerging subterranean nature. The conditions on the surface of their planet have been steadily deteriorating over the passing millennia, so much that even the Rynyx have been forced underground in a mass event known throughout their culture as The Submergence. Though this is a relatively recent development in their evolutionary history, already they are beginning to show morphological changes.

Their eyes have become highly reduced, and recent generations have begun seeing individuals born without eyes. Effectively, the species is blind. Instead the Rynyx navigate through vibro-sensation, and thus are covered in thick bristles of hair that can sense the slightest vibrations in both the ground and air.

Ildnar is an extremely hostile environment. Its surface reaches scorching temperatures, forcing most of its indigenous life underground. Ildnar is ruled by a singular massive creature that roams the surface. The creature is so massive that as it walks it causes earthquakes and storms, as it walks it causes massive storms and other natural disasters due to the friction with the atmosphere. Much of the indigenous wildlife call this massive home, many others retreat underground as it passes above.

As it passes the land behind it becomes fertilized, as it destroys it also reseeds life along its path.
Experiment 18 is a world building project I started with help from my friend back in college for my capstone project a couple years ago. Trapped on a dying planet, humanity seeks salvation in the stars. But after every effort ends in tragedy, it looks like all hope is lost. Until one day a forgotten experiment suddenly activates, sending a handful of scientific and military personal halfway across the galaxy. Throw into worlds of alien life, both civilized and savage, our protagonists seek the answer to one questions, "If so much life was just beyond our star, why have we never heard from them? Or them from us? With more being manipulated than just politics, will Humanity find a new home amongst the Galaxy at Large, or be relegated to extinction on their blighted world?

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Hahaha it’s been a minute, I sort of fell off from posting in general, and I have a lot in my back log, I’m gunna try to get back into the swing of posting. But appreciate it!! It’s good to be back