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Irikari Creature Concept Sheet


The Irikari are able to reach speeds up to 85MPH when in a full sprint using its 5 limbs. The hood along its neck can extend in territorial displays and to regulate body heat. Stripes along its body help it to camouflage in its environment. The Irikari uses the long talons on its forearms to quickly take down their prey.

This is another creature in my Experiment 18 line. If you have any ideas for other creatures let me know! I have a sketchbook of designs I want to tackle, but any suggestions would be great!

If you are interested in seeing more of my work my Instagram is efraner and my ArtStation is franeres!

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dude these are friggen awesome, how am i just now discovering you?
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Wait... FIVE legs?
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5 legged Tiger-Cobra-Raptor-Cephalopod with bonus t-rex arms? Neat. Hectapods are rarely symmetrical unless they are tentacles, so this is a nice sight.