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Dachiata Creature Concept Sheet

Continuing my capstone project with a newly design creature, the Dachiata. Let me know what you think!  

The Dachiata is an ambush hunter, it spends most of it's time high in the canopy of it's home world. It leaps from the tree tops and glides down similar to a flying squirrel. It is able to open and close a small opening in it's abdomen to control the speed of it's decent. The Dachiata also has a mane of bioluminescent tendrils that run along it's back. It extends these tendrils both as a territorial display and to disorient prey.

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Entity-XN-2121's avatar
Reminds me of those things that were on the hull of the Millennium Falcon.

These look great. 
HammerinInkminer's avatar
...interesting design and a matching background to boot -- nice.
jkemeny's avatar
I love alien illustrations that have believable, biologically based subjects. This creature could exist somewhere out there in the universe. Nice work!
GraphiteWing's avatar
Incredible! You wouldn't think something as creative and distinctive could look so realistic! 
franeres's avatar
haha thank you! yea I try to make sure that the creatures I make up are as believable as possible
XenoTeeth3's avatar
Reminds me of that creature from ''Fantastic beasts''
franeres's avatar
I loved the creature designs in that movie, I hope they will be just as strong in the sequel
Gwiber49's avatar
Don't mention it!
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