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What One Deserves - Pg. 1

By frandlle
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they're back and theyre still stupid
im aware Robin's hood is backwards 

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I'm still accepting cameos!
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Kuroyami-sanHobbyist General Artist
Ahahahah their faces are priceless xD
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Marcus0605Student Digital Artist
need more teeth and saliva... lol
yeah, let start our quest with fight.
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NaguroHobbyist General Artist
That's some violent catfighting
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CloudzChowHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh Dear, I hate fights ^^"
Hey! Mind you cameo my friend, :icongondor234:'s Team Pathseekers?
I'm sure that he would be happy for being cameo ^w^
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Gondor234Student Digital Artist
Wow.. Umm thanks friend ^^'
CloudzChow's avatar
CloudzChowHobbyist Digital Artist
Your welcome, bud! :)
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TerubiiHobbyist Digital Artist
drool + fire at the mouth how
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frandlleHobbyist Digital Artist
The flames come from her throat while her mouth salivates, the flames and heat will escape through the corners of her mouth while she still manages to salivate enough for it to run down her chin/mouth. As well as charmeleons' bodies are always extremely hot, so it would make it impossible for them to salivate or even have blood under normal terms, which is to say their salivation and water in their bodies ( like blood ) has a much higher boiling point than a normal person/pokemon. ( I would assume they still /need/ salivation to eat. )
Her throat and back of mouth are pretty dry, but the heat isnt enough to make most of her saliva evaporate under these terms of body heat
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BashfulRattataHobbyist Digital Artist
AHhhh!!! It begins!! 

HAha they're so animated! I love them!! 
I wonder what will happen!!!!! 
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EndlessWaltzFTStudent Traditional Artist
god i love those faces
and Robin is being cute~~~~
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I can't wait to see how these two will mess with Rueben(though I think they will still be thinking of food while it's happening.) Thanks for the cameo btw :D
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I dunno, based on all the saliva they got going there from screaming about food alone, they almost seem awfully hungry to me. :ihavecaek: 
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