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Superman/Batman - Ben Affleck Poster

My poster of Ben Afleck as the new Batman.
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I need someone to be the official photoshopper for my Facebook page! will you be that person?!??!… (is the page)
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hey man...big fan...can you do some fan cast mockups for me?
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Very nice! i will post on fb page for the movie eventually:…
Hope you dont mind :) (Smile)
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He looks a lot more like batman and Bruce Wayne then Christian bale did, and that's coming from someone who like bale as batman.

Can't wait to see Affleck's performance. I know he won't disappoint since the director doesn't suck like daredevils did
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Exactly, why is Affleck being blamed for Daredevil?  it was the director's fault and didn't anyone see Collin Farell and Jennifer Garner's "acting"? 

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It came out right around the same time as the whole Bennifer bullshit so the drama that erupted around his role and that movie was also in part due to that affair as well as Gigli...

But then he went on to better things like Gone Baby Gone and The Town which nobody seems to still have seen let alone Argo.
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I liked Colin Farrell as bullseye :/ I was hoping to see him in a sequel to the Thomas Jane punisher.
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I just hate how the world has ganged up on Affleck and blame him for Daredevil which was a collaborative effort.  I'm glad the studios are ignoring all these naysayers and going ahead.  Imagine a world where those armchair critics were listened to and roles such as Heath Ledger's Joker was given to a more internet approved actor.
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Affleck was not bad as daredevil, NEVER blame the actor for the directors shitty script! His performance in the movie was actually good. plus he definilty proved himself worthy Argo and the town.

You know what I said when I heard Heath ledger was the joker? "That fag from broke back mountain is the joker!?" And now he's considered a brilliant actor because of that role

If anything, Why weren't people mad about henry cavill as superman? He looks nothing like superman, his acting skills are only ok, and his performance's in previous movies gives him 0 credibility to lead him to superman.
At least affleck actually looks like Batman, has Great acting skills and has had roles that makes him make sense as a pick for batman.
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Well.  Not trying to argue, but as a fan of the Tudors I was excited when I had heard that Henry Cavill was going to play Superman, plus no one has ever embraced the physicality of Superman like Cavill.
I agree with the rest though, I shuddered when I heard that Heath Ledger was going to play the Joker and also think Affleck wasn't that bad in Daredevil.
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I respect your opinion dude, if you like cavill as superman then I won't judge. Just to clarify, I don't hate him as superman, just can't see how they picked him.

Ledger was a pleasant surprise and Affleck will be the same (I hope)
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