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May 6, 2017
Depths of Maridia by Francoyovich features a wonderfully clean design that is both otherworldly and beautiful.
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Depths of Maridia

First of three in a series of illustrations on Super Metroid, I'm really happy to finally do some metroid stuff!

Now available on my shop!

Norfair and Brinstar
Caverns of Norfair by Francoyovich   Brinstar Wilderness by Francoyovich…
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FeReise's avatar

That walk path remind me a lot of the ones in Rapture from Bioshock, lol. Great works, btw!

Francoyovich's avatar

Hey thank you very much!

Is phase II SA-X gonna be the new big daddy?


marios1999's avatar

This is just... stunning.

GeoKorf's avatar

This is spectacular crafted work! Masterpiece!

BusterBrownSheep's avatar
Would you be okay if I used all three of these to make a skin for my laptop? I wanted to make a really cool one and post it on reddit for other Metroid fans to see. I REALLY love the style you have here and want to have it with me at all times. I'll be sure to link to you when I do if you allow me to.

Francoyovich's avatar
As long as you don't intend to use it commercially, you can go ahead.
And yes send a pic to me when it is done, I would love to see it!
BusterBrownSheep's avatar
I posted it on /r/Metroid, /r/Alienware, and Imgur. I thought it looked great! Thank you!
Francoyovich's avatar
Looking goooood! mind if I reblog it on my social network accounts?
BusterBrownSheep's avatar
That would be really cool! Absolutely, it's your artwork after all.
samaran's avatar
These look awesome! I think it would be super cool if the edges transitioned from one picture to the next. Would love to see a Wrecked Ship and Tourian one to complete the collection. 
Francoyovich's avatar
I have other projects planned right now, but I'm sure I'll come back to Metroid at some point
samaran's avatar
Awesome! :D Can't wait! 
Lwiis64's avatar
This is just gorgeous!
Yantrana's avatar
dogman035's avatar
This makes me ache for a Metroid Prime styled remake of Super...
classicgamer76's avatar
Very beautiful series of breathtaking pieces! Well done! Congrats!
BlueGlacier's avatar
That looks breath taking :nod:  the pretty aqua blue makes it look like a real life aquarium.
I've always wondered what those floating structures were, and am with the orange radiating
from the rocks.  That sea dragon looks absolutely terrifying.  Great work! Hug 
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