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Delicious Cake

By Francoyovich
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The cake is a lie... or is it?

Conceptual illustration done for Alex Zemke's :iconalexzemke: upcoming portal short titled "Companionship".

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Edit Dec 27th 2012: Edited the main panel holding the cake.
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That Confectionery is a FARSE
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(looks at cake) o_O (walks past cake and through door)
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Your great artwork has been featured here : [link] :aww:
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really appreciate that!
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Imo needed a bit more work on shadows on walls. Still looks cool.
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Thank you.
Do you have anything specific in mind when you say the shadows on the wall need more work?
Joe-4-Kerr's avatar
Yes. You didn't draw shadows from frames near portal. I mean those ) shaped things. Also you don't concider light from a portal on opposite wall on bars.
Left portal's position is a bit higher and overall perspective is skewed a bit.


Here I marked all I think is wrong.

Hope you find my comments useful.
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Really usefull indeed!
I think you have marked your point quite well, I'll change it as soon as I can.
Thank you!
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Also you need to change the color of light inside portals. You see light emmited by orange one inside the blue and blue light on floor inside orange one.
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Well, I won't change that one. I wanted to create some sort of ambiance using those color masses to make some sort of halo arround the Portal. Technically it's not supposed to be that way, but I like the result better since those colors pop-up more.
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I don't agree with absolutely anything that Joe-4-Kerr suggested. I do however suggest he works on his illustrations quite a bit more before critiquing such a masterful artist.
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hahahaha Portal Rules!!!
this is a great piece and funny as hell!!
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*insert red companion cube here*
MountainStrongBear's avatar
This painting is just weird, but I guess I must read the above-mentioned story to understand. Stunning work, by the way.
Francoyovich's avatar
Well, If you are not familiar with the universe of "Portal", I understand it's not easy to get, I encourage you to play the game though!
MountainStrongBear's avatar
Just scanned through it on Wikipedia, so I have enough of an idea what it's about, thanks.
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The cake! There it is!

GlaDOS: Not for long.

Turrets: I see you.
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I mean, I don't want to go Admiral Ackbar on you, but...
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