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Caverns of Norfair

By Francoyovich
Second of three in a series of illustrations on Super Metroid. ç

Now available on my shop!

Maridia and Brinstar
Depths of Maridia by Francoyovich   Brinstar Wilderness by Francoyovich…

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This is so cool! The statue up top really sets the mood, and the colors are just so bright yet imposing!

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That is AMAZING! The colors really catch the feeling of this being exceptionally hot, and smoldering!

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Thank you very much!

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Ridley was so egotistical that he just went ahead and defiled Norfair in his visage, without even caring about the history he could've erased.

Yet another trait of his that made his final defeat even more satisfying.
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I like the idea that you don't actually see Ridley himself but the looming statue from the ceiling giving Samus the reminder of why she is here and what she is about to go up against. Its really setting the mood that this is the most dangerous place to be and if you aren't careful, game over. Which is accurate to the game because Norfair was the hardest place in Super Metroid with all of the strongest enemies appearing in abundance all over the place and Ridley being one of the harder bosses in that game due to the insane amount of damage he can do if you aren't ready or prepared for him. 
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Thanks! Yes it is definitely one of the hardest spots of that game. I got the Ridley stalactite idea from a spot where there is a door placed inside the mouth of a huge Ridley skull. In this case, I thought it would look cool if the statue would be sculpted out of a natural formation coming from the ceiling. That's what's cool about this game, it leaves a lot to the imagination and you can interpret stuff the way you like.
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And that is the brilliance with Metroid, they gave really nothing so we can imagine. How I always see Norfair is like a mix of this picture and a futuristic city but with some ancient touches like old Chozo ruins inside the volcanic region with large structures and buildings built across the area and in the lava. This being like a massive Headquarters for the Space Pirates as Ridley is within like a castle being a mix of a large Chozo Temple and a futuristic Palace where he sat waiting for Samus, at least that's how I saw Norfair. With the looming Ridley head being like a marker for Ridley to basically say "I'm here, come find me!" Like he is challenging her or something like that. 
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wow its great!!

what is this? illustrator?
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it's all done in photoshop
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it's great franco! cheers from Malasya :D
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Made this my phone background <3 love it
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Fantastic series!!!
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just 3? D: great work 
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Lui aussi yé pas-mal cool
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haha merci beaucoup! attends de voir le prochain!
Those pillars had to be durable to stand up to the heat of the lava!
The glow on the armor is the only sign of cool on this pic!
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You are doing a simple but yet important mistake - assuming.

You assume that those pillars are of a material that would melt in lava. Metroid is not a game set on Earth.
A rather inspiring reply.  I was thinking over my comment and looking over the picture.  I was
figuring, that no matter which planet the architecture is built in, this deep into the ground, the
pressure and heat would take their toll on the structures.  I was also guessing that the pillars
that had fallen, weren't the result of vandalism.
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Ridley sure liked to do sculpting in his pasttime.
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