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Keep Our Flyboys Airborne
The Great Uni Sketchdump '10
Montag 21. September
Montag 21. September 7:00 A.M. His hand found his glasses on his bedside stack of Jung. Wandlungen und Symbole der Libido. Psychological Types. The Psychogenesis of Mental Disease. He bowed his head, unfolded the thick-rimmed lenses and donned them. Heute nehme ich auf die Welt, he told himself. Today I take on the world. He shaved in the mirror to his morning Edith Piaf. The music kept him awake. His mouth twisted around to even out his cheek. The ensuing curious expressions mimicked a woman putting on mascara. He leaned forward, stroked, then voided the razor in the sink. He hummed along and tried not to nick the cleft in his chin.
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September 14, 1992
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Posting this to let everybody know that because I never do full-scale, backgrounded drawings anymore - and the majority of my work is crappy doodles and headshots - I've de facto moved to Tumblr, where I can post this stuff along with writing and other paraphernalia. I'm not leaving DA by any stretch of the imagination. I'll still be around, answering my messages, deleting my ~8 fave notifications per day on my freakin' TF2 stamps, etc. And if I ever decide to go through with something really badass, it'll show up here. But for now, if you wanna see what I've been up to, you're better off here: Dig it, hepcat!
Art statuses + weak self-promotion
Believe it or not, guys, I still draw. I draw way more than a full-time student probably should. It's just that none of it is as finalized as my older stuff - not a lot of backgrounds, barely any shading. I like the less-time-consuming minimalism just as much, but of course it comes laden with trappings of "Man, remember back in high school when you could do a full shaded picture?" Glory days, man. Too much reminiscing will sap your sanity if you're not careful. Anyway, maudlin crap aside, I found these, err... art status buttons, for lack of a better term - and since I DO still draw, I might as well advertise it. Lately I've been doing som
Character TMI time!
Another startlingly-original journal, fueled by frustrated boredom after GTA binging that led to chronic mission failure due to panicky bad driving. My life is so interesting. - ♠ - Few artists are man/woman enough to openly answer any and all questions thrown at them. Are you? Prove it. Copy/Paste this as a new journal entry and answer every question you get. The rules are simple: -You must answer every question you get no matter what it's about and you must do so honestly. -There are no questions that cannot be asked as long as they are within the rules of DA. They can be personal, about OC's, and everything in between. - b


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could i please make a request~? <3
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Even though you seem more or less dead on this account now that you have discovered the wonders of Tumblr, I'll still wish you a Happy Birthday, Leslie! (I honestly almost forget that's a pseudonym.)

I miss talking to you and Shayna nearly every day! (She called me recently, but I'm too derpy and preoccupied with stupid crap to call her back! :iconorzplz:)

But, yeah, Happy Birthday, Leslie! :iconrainbowbummiecakeplz:
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Oh woah, hi, thanks! I decided to check this account again on a lark [I do every now and then, I just don't post anything] and saw this.

What've you been up to with your life, anyway? And how's Shayna doing? c: