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October 26, 2021
Little Medusa : Cassiopeia poses and stuff by EggmanFan91
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Little Medusa : Cassiopeia poses and stuff


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Some pose and reference made for Little Medusa, once again with Cassiopeia 
I wanted to clean some sketches that originated from my Sketchbooks, who'll serve as reference for some things I'm working on.

Once again, I really wanted to see how I could handle the expression this time around.
Similarly, I wanted to experiment the way she'll use her snake's body, to simple stuff like sitting or leaning, to using it as way to climb to trees. She's more flexible than she looks ! 

Also, a little look to her very young age, when she was a baby. She was basically a hungry little larva with arms and dormant snakes hair. Her tail was really small, back then. It'll grew longer every years until she reach maturity.

Character and artwork (c) me.
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well, adorable :D

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you're welcome ^^

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What a cute little gorgon girl.

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Wonderful, but does she turn her gaze to stone like the Mythological one?...

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Thanks ^^

Well, Like her mother, Cassio have the power to turn people into stone by looking at the, but, due to her young age, it's not really efficient, as she doesn't know how to active it. Also, while it may work mainly on humans, some mythological creature are immunized to this. ( Cyclops, Fauns, Centaurs, etc ),

In short so she doesn't have necessarily to look at someone to turn them into stone. She could have a conversation with them with no problems. When she'll get older, she'll still gave the power to control it and how to active it.

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It's just waiting for her adult form :)

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Congrats on your DD for this Charming, sweet work!!! :clap:

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these pictures just prove i'm right when i say medusa is not only beautiful but cute too suck it aphrodite & athena

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She looks like Dusa from Hades

FrancoisL-Artblog's avatar

Well, they're both gorgons, after all ^^.

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Congratulations on getting featured 😊

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oh that is very cute

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