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x-men - storm

One of my first portrait. Pencil on watercolor paper.

The other x-series drawings:
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Image size
2370x3012px 2.57 MB
Canon EOS 1000D
Shutter Speed
1/12 second
Focal Length
37 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Nov 15, 2009, 1:51:48 PM
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how do you get such deep blacks for the background?
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Amazing! What do you use to make the dark areas so dark?
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Thanks a lot. I use a 6b pencil with circulism technique (and dry brushes for merge the graphite) :D
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I'm happy you like it. Thanks :D
eyeqandy's avatar
Heh. On the bright side, you know I must really, really think this is a good drawing, since I requested it to be in one of my groups (Famous Faces), and then when I saw it again months later (the other day) by another artist (the one who took it from you), I requested it again. :)

I left another reply for that guy on his page, the one who took your drawing. He's now saying his version is a digital copy based off your pencil drawing, but his version is 100% identical, only a bit blurry due to having been enlarged than your copy on this page.

His also has what appears to be small wrinkles or folds (maybe hair you drew?, but they look kind of like wrinkles in the paper - which isn't bad, I'm not knocking your drawing for that) in the same exact places in his version that are in yours.

I've done digital drawings and paintings by using reference photos, and there's really not many artists I've seen who can copy another image 100% by hand in that way, to the point they get even minute details to match up from the source image, such as stray hairs, etc.
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We had an exchange of messages. I have no problem to grant permission to use my original, if the source is mentioned. He preferred to remove the digital 'drawing'. I ask to myself the same questions you did, but I don't have an answer. Thanks for the support anyway :D
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Wonderful picture :)
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Thank you very much, Paul :D
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wow this is absolutely amazing!!
francoclun's avatar
Thank you very much :D
ArtOfApollo's avatar
Your portraits are stunning! How...HOW do you get your blacks so perfect??
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Thanks a lot, Jake. My blacks are made with the circulism technique, using 6b mechanical pencil :D
ArtOfApollo's avatar
Interesting. It's more commonly used for skin texture, but I guess doing it with the mech pencil gives you a really smooth finish. I'll definitely be giving this a go. Keep up the good work!
beans330's avatar
If you didn't produce something that wasn't jaw dropping, I'd be surprised! Love it!! :-)
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Very kind of you. Thanks a lot :D
Azure-Mermaid's avatar
Do you photograph your drawings or scan them to get them on DeviantART? My drawings lose so much their shading when I you have any suggestions? I love this drawing by the way! :)
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I photograph, but I have the same problems you have, so I can't help you, sorry. Thanks for the lovely compliments :D
Azure-Mermaid's avatar
Maybe I'll try taking photographs next time to see if the result is any better. Your welcome! :)
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you're so talented!
francoclun's avatar
Happy if you think so! Thanks
Lenna343's avatar
Wooah! She is wonderful <3
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