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Homeless warrior

After the portrait of House I said to myself: Okay, let’s draw
something more relaxing in A4 format, something that does not require a lot of concentration. No way, the original photograph of the portrait you can see above kept calling me and begging me to draw it.
I couldn’t resist.

The original is an Impressive portraits full of emotion by Lee Jeffries, photographer based in Manchester, England. He created some amazing photographs that depict on the faces of the subjects a world of emotions

It was challenging. I could not draw for more than an hour. The required level of concentration was such that I had to distract myself not to go crazy. The result is this, and I am satisfied (rarely happens) Hope you like it

I love the man in the pic, his eyes proud, tough and dignified. There is no trace of resignation, on the contrary, seems he wanted to challenge the future and destiny to do their best to bring it down

The drawing took me 30 to 40 hours. I was so focused that I often lost track of time

I used my usual and trusted Fabriano watercolor paper, a4, 300 grams (Fabriano Artistico, hot pressed, satinata), so all you see is black graphite (the sheet is obviously white, since there are no blacks paper for watercolor)

Mechanical pencil (from 6b to 6h)

UPDATE: My work is feautured here:
Earth's Treasures! [link]
Pencil [link] by ~Swapneil
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You drew this? That has me flabbergasted and stunned beyond words.

Each and every hair so detailed and the face with those eyes...It is like you just sat a man down and took his picture.

I had my DA mess up when I went to critique this, so I went to your gallery to find this one again. All your art has the same level of expertise in the detailing, as this one.

Your art, as this man, is unforgettable, I usually have problems remembering something, unless I see it a few times. When I clicked on this picture, after My DA messed up on me, it didn't load and I was sent back to my homepage. I wrote about this pic in my status and just a few seconds after typing, "I hope I remember the name of it soon." It came to me in a flash, and that almost, always, never happens.

I love your art and hope you continue to wow us for years to come,
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traditional drawing....
are you f***ing kidding me <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":omg:" title="OMG"/>
this work and all of the others are just astonishing
but this one took me
i don't know the history of this man but the eyes tell us thousands of stories
and i don't mean the original photo
30-40 hours
damn! i would need years for that
you catched his expression extremly good
his vision is going right through me
you maybe notice that i don't write about technique, because it would be worthless
i saw a lot in my three years here on dA
but yours is flawless <img src="…" width="23" height="15" alt=":wow:" title="Wow!"/>
and you defently have a new watcher in me
just amazing
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Love the expression
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Wow, thanks a lot :D
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great one ! extremely detailed.

may I know a technical thing ? as I'm very new and hope someday to get to such dream level.

when you draw the white hair, what technique are you doing ? shading with black/gray , or white, or erasing ?
sorry if it sounds so novice question :)
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Thanks a lot. For drawing hair and fur I can suggest you to check online for a couple of techniques called 'negative drawing' and 'indenting' :D
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haha, cool :) ! thanks to you too ! will look for in youtube.

well, I was too lazy to do some search in google before asking you, but here is a direct answer from Master himself :)

thanks again :D
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This is amazing, may i ask when you used the graphite how did you get the highlights on beard? I am stuck on a picture im doing, love your work so much.
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Have you ever heard about negative drawing and indenting? I think this techniques can help you drawing hair, beard and fur. Thanks for the kind words :D
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Thank you. I will try these techniques, much appreciated
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I almost clicked away thinking I was looking @ pictures not drawings. Your work is very impressive, I started a few weeks ago and I completely understand the urge of drawing something more and more technical every time .You are good ..
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Thank you so much! Glad I could fool your eyes for a moment! :D

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Powerful. Remarkable.
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Thank you so much, it is most appreciated. :D

Why is "Homeless Warrior" the title?
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I though was the right title for decribing this drawing. He seems tough and indomitable despite his condition (we know is an homeless) :D
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Outstanding craft, Franco.

One looks forward to encounters with works such as this which provide deep streams of inspiration and introspection.

Beautifully accomplised.

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Thanks, Terry, I really appreciate your comment. This is one of the reason I draw :D
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