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The blazing Dragon by Jeanine Miller



The Blazing Dragon of Wisdom - The Esoteric Tradition as enshrined in the Vedas and beyond.

For the Ancient seers the universe was no lifeless collocation of atoms haphazardly put
together, a meaningless mechanism without any inner directive. They could not conceive an
absurd world, but rather a network of live, intelligent forces, called devas or shining ones in
the Vedas, closely interdependent and working together towards the achievement of a totality,
a wholeness whose keynote can best be described as harmony, order ; everything in the
universe influenced everything else on every plane, subtle and invisible as well as visible and
tangible; nothing was useless in the greater whole, and humanity had its specific role to play
in the arena of life, like every other kingdom of nature ; the sun and moon and the planets
were interlinked and the abode of cosmic intelligences that influenced everything else.
Futile to reject the gods of antiquity as mere projections of the human mind or personifications
of natural phenomena and promulgate the monotheistic all powerful God who is an even
mightier projection of the human mind and its own desires and separativeness.
At a time when literalism and superiority complexed prejudices had descended like a blight
over Western intellectuals and prevented them from entering into the spirit of the Oriental
sacred texts which were being translated; when little was known of primitive people dismissed
as irrational, hence inferior to Western man ; H.P.B. courageously revealed the existence of
a Science called "Guptavidyā" going back to the night of time, and in particular hinted at in
the Vedic vision. A knowledge secretly meaning in the silence of the soul. Unfortunately these
shades of meaning are lost to most. But all these more or less documented traditions with, on
the whole, a basic underlying doctrine, can at least bear witness to a sacred lore treasured and
handed down through the ages, diverging superficially in its various transmissions and
presentations, but one in its fundamentals. Sacrament and sacrifice are closely linked and both
make for sacredness. Life is sacred and he who lives in harmony with the supreme Law is sacred.
This is substance enough to accept the existence on earth of this ancient gnosis, a revelation
not only given out ages ago, but still going on among those whose minds are receptive enough,
and still shaping many lives for the greater good of all. The spiritual perception prevalent among
the çùis proves that this ancient gnosis dates back millennia.
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