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When the Cutie Marks arrives

After watching the new episode I had to make this one.
I'm happy that they finally got their Cutie Marks.

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Changes I've made in Vectors:
- Changed the position of them, because the original didn't fit for this one.
- Added some shadows and more light sources to them.

Vectors Used:

- Vector

Thank you for making these Vectors!

Feel free to download the Wallpaper and share it with others.
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I think I like them, but due to the 3rd generation I thought that Sweetie's Mark would be a heart again, not a Star
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am I the only one who really hates their cutie marks

u are a real bitch

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I- What? I made this comment 5 years ago???

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yea that's never gonna happen.
Your light Shakespearean language has caught my interest.

I understand that your saying that My Little Pony got old for you, but that is not an excuse to be stubborn and comment about season two this and season two that. I guess you can say, we feel similarly to it being like someone saying that they watched 5 episodes of Gravity Falls and said that it's boring(which of course could just be a matter of opinion). I do hope you understand, but let me tell you this, I prefer keeping calm, and I of course like every other human being get to a point of stubbornness, but just so you know, I do keep the peace.
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well there is a big difference between the shows, Gravity falls was actually a really good show from beginning to end, and it ended after season 2.
Imagine it had done the same cardinal sins as mlp and continued after its climatic ending, just because it was so popular, and we would get the same tragic and sad result as is the case with mlp.
Can't really argue with that, I always have something to say to people who think Gravity Falls should of gone off longer. I happy with how it ended.

Now back to My Little Pony, yes at some points it has it's downs, but some episodes I find myself grateful that I kept watching.
It an experiences I enjoy, and I'm sure one that others really love.

It's happening, it's true. There are 5 seasons of My Little Pony, the 6th coming in this spring, and a 7th on it's way.
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And that is way too much.
I understand people that want shows they liked like GF to last longer, we always wants things we like to go on for longer, but if it did, we would in the end stop liking it so much because nothing can stay high forever.
And a story, any good story needs a beginning a middle and an end, it is structured into acts each with their own climaxes leading to the primary climax and then a resolution.
The three act play is the most popular format and GF follows this, despite being only two "seasons" act one is the beginning, where everything is introduced and it spans the entire season one.
Because the main antagonist wasn't revealed until the end that lead to the defeat of the secondary antagonist, a good first act climate.
The second act is the first half of season four after Stans basement machine is first seen and until the climatic reveal of the author, another big secret that had plagued the fans since the beginning.
Act 3 starts with an introduction to this new character so we can know what he is.
This act sets the stage for twin separation and the drama and tension now reaches its zenith. The wierdmaggeddon climax then brings us all the way to the top and then down again in its third part, beautifully wrapping up everything.

I simply cannot remember a tv series that are able to so masterfully use the three act structure.
Most shows simply wants to go on forever, so the emotional rollercoaster that is a really good play, never seems to go off the grown.
We see it a little in movies, but they are constrained to a two hour run at most and to truly get us all the way and for us to feel it we need more time then that.

In short, Gravity Falls are perfect, there is nothing to add and nothing to subtract. It is a rare gem and I wish more show creators had the guts to try and do what Alex Hirsch have done.

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it did happen...
MLG Doge Icon Get #REKT, Noob! - Chat Friendly Emotes Get rekt 
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u said that u don't wath mlp any more...
then why did u come here ...
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there are so many links on deviantart, it was one of these random linktrails here that originally made me aware of the shows existence.
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yeah Say what you want...
rphb's avatar
what is that supposed to mean?
Art thou being passive aggressive now?
askTheMlp's avatar
just stop what you are doing u none mlp fan
( just stop no 1 cares if u comment )
 if u dont watch mlp anymore then why did u comment on here do u still like mlp or what make up ur mind 
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Except for the fact that it is in an actual episode.
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Don't think so, saw every episode up until the season ended after 2 seasons with the royal wedding.
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So you mean you haven't seen the episode where Twilight becomes a princess? Or when the main 6 uncovered the tree of harmony? Or the series of events over when they find the keys to open the box throughout season 4?!? You haven't seen any of the Equestrian Girls? You haven't seen Twilights amazing castle? You should totally catch up!
rphb's avatar
The series ended with the wedding, Twilight is not a princess.
TheLivingDictionary's avatar…

And here is the episode where they get their…

Also check netflix for the rest of the seasons
rphb's avatar
yea... that is not going to convince me of anything.
And for ethical reasons I never watch Netflix.
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Didn't you see the link of the actual episode?!?
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