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Princess Luna

Was messing around in the Photoshop after College.
I guess it's good as a Wallpaper, nothing much to say here.

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Vectors Used:


Feel free to download the Wallpaper and share it with others.
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I hate to be that guy, but do you have just the background available for download? (No Luna or white lines, just the background)

I absolutely love all the colors! Seriously, it's amazing.
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I found it just for you, he took it here -…
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Nice find! Too bad that website compresses the quality and watermarks it, though >_<

I'll screw around with it and see if I can make it look nicer.

Anywho, thanks!
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I feel that the colors would fit better with someone more out there like Pinkie Pie or Cheese
Heck i think this would work pretty good with Rainbow
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Thanks for advice, that always helps for the next Wallpapers.
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I have it all downloaded ^_^ 
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Good to know that.
Thank you! ^o^
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