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The Soda Can of Death

This infographic is inspired by Rick Robinsons' Rocketpunk Manifesto blog.
Which space weapons would be more effective, kinetics or lasers?
The kinetics fraction reasons that any point defense can be saturated by throwing a lot of small, cheap objects on the target at high speed, like a bunch of soda cans.

I took this idea, making the soda cans a target-homing cluster ammunition. Each cluster is initally accelerated by a booster rocket, followed by a cruise phase while still being bundled on the bus. Before reaching effective point defense range the canisters are scattered from the bus, homing in on the target on individual, randomized tracks. They set up an ad-hoc network, providing sensoric information across the whole swarn. 

While many of them are being destroyed by point defenses, and some miss due to the targets evasive maneuvers, a few hit. Just before impact the tungsten warheads are fragemented, resulting in grapeshots tearing through the targets hull.

The tech level of this cluster ammunition is fairly basic, using solid fuel and hydrazin to accellerate and steer.
At an impact speed of 3 km/s the destructive power of a single can equals ~10 MJ which is roughly equivalent to 2 kg of TNT.

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just pop one of these with the boys and we be haven a good time