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January 6, 2011
How many memories from my childhood came back as soon as I saw By the power of GRAYSKULL by *Elengwat. It's certainly one of the best homages to He-Man I've ever seen and in movie poster form! Be sure to visit *Elengwat's gallery, there's more awesome tributes to see there.
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By the power of GRAYSKULL


I did some changes like Zoar´s colors (the falcon). Thanks to ~Sword-of-Grayskull for the suggestion ;)

My tribute to other of my favourites cartoons from the 80´s: Heman and the Masters of the Universe! In case you are too young and you don´t know this series and characters, from top left: Heman, Sorceress, Castle of Grayskull, Man-at-arms, Orko, Teela, Battle Cat, Beast-man, Evil-lyn and Skeletor.

Pencils in A3 + ink + colors in PS3

All rights reserved Mattel-Lou Scheimer

I hope you like it and I am waiting for your comments ;)
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Two Words: BAD ASS

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I grew up during the 80s.

I remember this series.

You paid such attention to detail, this is way superior to the cartoon itself.
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LOL thank you so much!
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If I didn't say it before I'll say it again - EPIC. Truly, simply, beautifully EPIC. :)
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Great job drawing are really talented!!!!!!!!
FranciscoETCHART's avatar
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Uh Teela, what are you doing?
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
One of the most important parts of my childhood right here.
FranciscoETCHART's avatar
I can see why... LOL
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Wow again!  I love the composition and the great angles you've got here - Perfect!
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Thanks a lot! really glad you like it.
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Incredible!  :+fav:
FranciscoETCHART's avatar
thanks!!! very well appreciated!
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You're Welcome! :)
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"Yo tengo el poder!!!"
FranciscoETCHART's avatar
en serio? jaja gracias!
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Your work is fantastic!
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