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1/12 ROBOTECH set cards

New illustrations for a card game that I did for Universo Retro about Robotech.

The main goal with it, it´s not commercial, but to enjoy and play.

Right reserved to Carl Macek. Art is done by me.

Complete set: (updating day by bay)…


Now, these pictures are availables at my t-shirt store:……
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Awesome Job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you did forget some characters.
From Macross: Dr. Emil Lang, Kyle and Grell
Sammie Porter, Kim Young and Vanessa Leeds aka SDF-1 Bridge Bunnies
Southern Cross: Supreme Commander Leon Rhinehart and Zor
Mospeada: Marlene the Invid, Regis Queen and Jonathan Wolfe
I love love love your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 billion Stars I give it
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Thank you soooooo much! those illustrations were done for a cards game, 32 cards, so we had to select some of the characters ;)
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Esta, para mi, es la mejor serie de todos los tiempos. La disfruté demasiado siendo un chaval y hoy, después esos buenos tiempos la pude comprar en dvd original…para la posteridad. Excelente trabajo para una excelente serie.
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Yo la descargue en altisima calidad y en japones, claro, estamos hablando solo de Macross verdad? no del revuelto de los yanquis...
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Claro, la Macross original. Los japoneses son unos cracks en esto de la animación y las historias.
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totalmente de acuerdo, la tienen mas que clara
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With Robotech being the series that got me into anime as a kid growing up back in the day, I have to say that your entire card series on the character is bot detailed and stunning! I could never do a better job if I were to tackle such a project. You captured their personalities in their poses and expressions! It's prefect. All 12 sets are PERFECT!
I really, REALY pray to god that Tony Oliver got to see these, cause these rendering would totally rock his world.

Amazing work, and a job well done! =3
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Nice comment!thank you soooo much!!
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Claro que lo vi , si reviso hasta el ultimo rincon de tu galeria jajajaja. Y mis felicitaciones por tu trabajo el el diseño de las cartas de Saint Seiya, que va a ser un exito rotundo.:D (Big Grin) 
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bueno muchas gracias por tomarte tu tiempo en mirar todo ;) y esperemos que tambien sea una linda expo y pase mucha gente, saludos amigo!
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Jaja gracias! Viste el resto de los personajes de robotech que subí?
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Se ve super ,Fran...
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muchas gracias chabooooon :D
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Geniales Fran!! (te dicen Fran? Te puedo decir Fran?)
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Obvio, todos me dicen asi jaja
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Muy bueno... me encanto, es mas ya me pongo a ver la serie denuevo...
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muchas gracias chabon! fijate que acabo de subir mas cosas de macross jeje
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se nota que les pusiste amor!
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Jaja si trate de hacerlos bien copados! Muchas gracias!!
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