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hulk 2

old digi sketch of the HULK - about the same vintage as the Ben Grimm and Nightcrawler sketches.

kind of a fun way to draw, but it sort of only works for big chunky guys.
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Great Hulk pic!
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INSANE! I like your gallery man!
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This is terrific! Great job w/this piece! Hulk has always been one of my favorite marvel characters. You're an incredible artist.
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thanks! hulk is pretty fun.
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This is pro

Great work
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Wonderful job man and I had to say this "HULK SMASH!" xD
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If this was done digitally what program did you use? I really like the gritty, grainy feel to it.
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thanks; it was done in photoshop, and I added some stone and noise textures.
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Very nice work, and i love your comic style wit kinda combined card game style? lol dunno , is awesome
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lovin this....
the line work is sw33t and the textures are killer....
great expression too...XD...
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This is a great rendition of the Hulk. It's very cartoony, but with a touch of comic book quality. Love the attention to detail. Well done :clap:
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His rage is fuelled by a desperate urge to pee - those tight trousers must play havoc with bladder. :D

Or maybe the girl at Starbucks forgot the whipped cream on his vendi double-espresso mocha frappuchino?
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great one man! love the look of this!!
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this rocks!!!!!!!
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wow excellent :D
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hulk underpants turn to thong! , love the pic tho
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