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can you fix it?

By francis001
A piece from a while back that I found recently and tweaked a little bit.
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I really do like this
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Hey everyone ! I've made a sound adaptation of this picture : [link]
I hope you'll like it !
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Omgosh, this is so adorable! XD
Makes me think a bit of WALL-E...nice concept! =D
theapostleofsondheim's avatar
The eyes more than anything else lend real life to them - they don't just look like machines, they look like people (who have somehow been in an accident and needed their bodies replaced with metal).

francis001's avatar
thanks, glad you like it! eyebrows help a lot with that.
theapostleofsondheim's avatar
M-I-R-I-E-L's avatar
:wave: Hello there! I just want to let you know that I've featured this wonderful artwork in my journal - you can find it here. :rose:
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thanks so much!
PTGreat's avatar
Adorably awesome! :D
A-m-b-e-r's avatar
the best thing I've seen on dA today... :heart:
made my day.
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:) glad you like it!
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Sooo cute! I love it! :)
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This tells such a great visual story!! so much character-very niced
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wonderful work!!!!!!!!
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ooh i love this pic, so mutch emotions in there :)
thefact1on's avatar
the moment i looked at it i smiled the smile of some forgotten nostalgia, epic man!
JoScene's avatar
I like this the most because of the younger one's expression...You can't see all of him/her but the part that you can see has a lot of emotion in it. :)
richertim's avatar
Great color and facial expression... I think you captured every father's confused fixit stare lol!!!
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Oh this is lovely :heart:! It's so adorable... the expressions are perfect :9.
francis001's avatar
hehe thanks! glad you like it.
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