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actually here's a comment - Spider-man has run out of web fluid, and so could not just swing in and carry the kid out of the way. OK? OK.
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Peter: “This is why I’m not ready for kids...”
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Freakin mellinials and their iphones!
Hallo Francis. 

I am a part of a small organisation in a city called Ballerup in Denmark. We are trying to get the young people in our city to try to get them to vote on a young man with ambition on getting a better climate. 
Will it be okay for you, if we use your picture for free, because we dont have many money to do with. We are going to set a persons picture over Spiderman and also write som text on the bus window. 

Asbjørn Frier
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Its amazing that this wonderful has reached meme status
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that kid didnt even flich
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Really, good job on this!!!!
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This is why you should always pay attention on the road!! Great work!!
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I like to think that the kid continued on with his day never knowing that THAT happened.
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bet he was playing the new Pokemon 
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Kids these days...with their whosamawhatsits and screens.
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Pokémon Go !!!
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why he just dont kick the kid out of the way... he's asking for it
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My first thought. Good to know I'm not alone.
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Is that obama in tha bus dafuq lel.
So cool.
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Stop trying to catching pokemon and get out the way kid
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 ...just imagined the traffic behind the bus Popcorn 
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Probably catching another 10 cp pidgey

kids these days
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I'm seeing this on Facebook now with a caption added for the boy saying "Is that a Charizard?".
is it just me or is that kid playing pokemon go?
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this..... BOY over here crossing the street with his phone out like none's business! mean while SPOODER MAN stopping a buss to save that kids A$$!
sadly this is relatable.... for everyone seems to be COMPLETLY distracted by there phone when crossing the street.... hell, even just walking on the sidewalk! ( which people also rarely do... )
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and here we see Spider Man saving a child's life because he has all the rare pokemans on his gameboi and even spodermen is jelus

also is that barack obama in the bus
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And in typical Spidey fashion, he gets slammed by the media for being 'reckless', and probably gets sued by half the people on that bus. Poor guy
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