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MA spider-man issue 48

hi! here's the cover art for marvel adventures spider-man issue 48. there's a painting that moebius did several years ago of spider-man that was sort of the inspiration for this, although they are not too similar.
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"Spidey" : *sniff* I smell goblin!
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This was a nice cover. It's nice to see it without the text on it. I colored the interiors on this issue. ;)
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i realy like the way you draw spiderman
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This is amazing. I would totally buy a print of this. I wish it was a print.
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Your signature logo is cool!....and that painting you've placed around it really complements it!:lol:
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haha! thank you
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WOW! O_O LOVES IT!!! :love: YAY Spidey!
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Just saw this cover on the newsstand - I said to myself, "Hey! I have that image faved on dA!"

Great cover - glad to see it out in the world!
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Awesome image! The colors and texture is amazing. About the perspective, are we seeing the image in a puddle of water, or are the sides the gargoyle's wings?
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interesting! no, it's not a puddle, just the outline of the wings. I went more graphic with the shape rather than realism, to sort of frame Spider-man and the gargoyle head.
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Ever since my brain decided it's a puddle I can't see it any other way ^^;. I think it's the rimlight and blue tint that made my think that way. It's an awesome image all the same.
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this is definitely one of the better Spider-man images i've seen in a while....
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thanks man! just waiting on marvel to send me more work...
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really? What do you do in the meantime?
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work for other people (comics, video game design, book illustration), and when I have some free time work on my own stuff. :)
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Another very nice cover...that gargoyle looks AMAZING. And, of course, so does Spidey.

By thy side,

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thanks man! the gargoyle was fun.
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The textures are awesome, it makes it look like ones of those textured layered paintings
francis001's avatar
cool thanks! well as it turns out there are both textures AND layers in the Photoshop file! :)
Doubtful-Della's avatar
Very cool. I am still learning how all of this is done. I've colored one of *titanfalls's pencils, and he's supposed to give me more originals to practice on sometime
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that's good! oh that's clay mann! I have seen his stuff before, I think I did a cover for one of the books he was drawing.
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