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iLauncher7 1.0 - gadget

By Franchu
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Shortcut to your favorite things: app, internet link, folder, ...
Highly customizable: you can change the caption, shadow and caption color and the icon, you can remove the shadow and the caption too! Different icon sizes: 32, 48, 64, 128, 256, 512 px!
Multilanguage: english and spanish
Tip: Remember write http:// for URLs
Double click on gadget to open the app, folder, internet link .. It's easy!!

Acceso directo a tus cosas favoritas: programas, enlaces a internett, carpetas, ...
Muy personalizable: puedes cambiar el título, el color de la sombra y el texto y el icono, también puedes quitar la sombra y el título!
Disponible en español e inglés. Diferentes posibles tamaños para el icono: 23, 48, 64, 128, 256 y 512 pixeles!
Recuerda que para las direcciones de internet, antes tienes que escribir [link]
Haz doble clic sobre el gadget para abrir el programa, carpeta, o lo que hayas configurado, es fácil !


A bug? Doesn't work? Tell me! Feedback are welcome!
¿Un fallo? ¿No funciona? ¡Dímelo! Los comentarios son bienvenidos
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amazing gadget for windows i am try this gadget on my pc

i have wrote an article on gadget on my website

read and tell me about my articles
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Hi dude, tried your gadged for steam browser protocol [link] (and any other non http:// protocol ), and it aint work (( Launching exe with extra arguments also doesnt work, could you please update this awesome gadget to fix these flaws?
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Gracias...muy bueno
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Muchas gracias!
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Cuando le pongo una imagen png no se carga
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Thanks great staf
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I can't add my own PNG image and don't know why. It shows caption name but not the icon, and I choose the correct size. What to do?
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me too, my own selected icons does not appear..
windows 7 64bit user here
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Hola a todos baje el iLauncher7 1.0 - gadget no puedo dejarlo de la misma forma que aparece en la foto alguien puede hacer un tutorial y ponerlo en youtube me gusto mucho la apariencia de la barra de herramientas GRACIAS
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Hi I'm having some trouble getting the right icon on the shortcut.. i got .png files but I see nothing :(
what to do now?
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Very cool stuff here ! ;)

Too bad Windows displays the mouseover menu :(

Keep up the good work !
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I just posted a tool to lock all the gadgets on the desktop :…
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yep, Windows displays the mouseover menu :(
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For other posting users, please use English to easily read!
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If someone ask me in spanish, my reply will be in spanish, my english is very bad!
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How can I register the shortcuts to the gadget?
I tried to drag and drop the shortcuts to the gadget, but it does not accept!
I also cheched shortcut7, but the resukt is the same!
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For shorcut7 and iLauncher7 you have to open gadget settings! There you can change the icon, adapt it to the icon size, change caption and background color, enter the shorcut (It can be an app, folder or URL) and hide caption if you want.

Here you have more information about Windows Sidebar and gadgets: [link]

Drag and drop feature is not implemented yed.
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No puedo instalarlo : (
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Gracias por el aviso, estaba mal el archivo, prueba ahora y me cuentas ;)
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Listo, lo estoy probando y todo por ahora va bien, ¡Muy buen Gadget! :la:
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