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NotesX 1.0 - Windows sidebar gadget for Vista / 7

New gadget for your desktop! :D (9 - March - 13)
Never forget your important things with this gadget.
- Auto-scroll note
- Different colors
- Optional image

* Feedback is welcome! : D
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Is there something like that but only for pictures? Please?
This is a great widget! It is: 
*Clean, simple, modern and has a bit of a Windows 8 feel to it. 
*I think it is great how you can add an image to your note. This is the first notes widget I have tried that has done this. 
* 11 great colours to make a very colourful desktop.
* Designated Header, Title and text areas makes the note simple and neat.

There are a few little things I think could be changed: 
* It would be good if you could change the size of your notes. It looks like a huge rectangle block on my screen and it takes away from my background.
* A few different font styles would be nice too. Bold, Italic, Underlined, Strikethrough, and maybe a few changes of fonts. Or to be able to copy and paste from somewhere else and get the font like that (if you did not understand my crappy explanation, get onto Windows 7 Sticky Notes, go into Microsoft Word and type something in a different font. Copy and paste that into the note and you will have a different font) 
* I know I'm asking for too much, i'm sorry but this is just a thought. What if you could add an image to change the whole background of your note as well? For example, you could make it look like old paper or something to your fancy. 

That was not criticism, this is a very great widget which all should get. It was easy for me to install and it is awesome, trust me. Much better than the typical note taking widget. Worth the download.
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Just found this gadget when I was looking for some sticky notes for the desktop and I must say I love it. It's very handy and the design is marvelous. I'd just like to suggest you add some features like "bold", "underline" and especially "strike thought" and "bullets". 

Thank you!
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Only things there are Jscript script files.  Nothing else to run.
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I seem to be having a problem running this program.  I Get the files, extract, then have no luck running the program.  Any ideas? thanks folks.
This seems nice but am having problem getting new notes. I have program setup on my desk top (notex_by_franchu-shortcut). When I click it, it ask if I want to install, click install, says you currently have a version of notes_by_.........' Do you want to replace it with notex........, I say "Replace" click and I get a new note slip. Is there an easier way of getting fresh notes.
Also is there a way to remove notes from desktop, but save them, like in a document folder? Thanks
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Hey, great gadget! Honestly, never liked gadgets because of ugly desing :) Recently I started using some gadgets - found two useful and stylish. After checking 'About' realized both of them were made by you (this one and Shortcut7). Great job!

One question - is it possible to make it's height not fixed? Or at least some limited options available (small, medium, large). Small size is good for one short note, like reminder. But it's too short for a list of tasks for a day and many other cases. Possible options - Small (1x, like current height), Medium (2x taller), Large (3x-4x taller). And maybe it would be also good to make Medium 25% wider, Large - 50% wider. What do you think?

BTW, if you need Russian / Ukrainian translation, drop me a line. Will be happy to help ;)
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like it dude..!!
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awesome gadget Franchu i will use right now . thanks for the great effort
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Thanks for your comment!!!
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you are welcome Franchu
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simply wonderful!!! if you plan localization, contact me for italian!!
btw i would add an option for a smaller size of a note ;)
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Wow. Seems nice man!! :thumbsup:
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Thank you very much!!
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Anytime man. Keep it up!!
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Thank you very much!!!!!
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