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TERA ScreenShot of Sparky and Fyote

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Fyote is back and I spent a few hours doing some searching and traveling to get this cool mount, any one with about 5 gold and the ability to leave the Island can do it. There is a few requirements (achievements) 1.well traveled and tourist trap.
a guide to follow is like this:
By doing these steps, you should be able to get both the pet and mount at the same time. Just use the link for the pictures so no need to google translate.

First you'll need to go to Pora Elinu and talk to the NPC to get an achievement.

Town names closest to the six pillars (Going by the image order from the link)
1. Pora Elinu
2. Tulufan
3. Acarum
4. Bastion
5. Dragonfall
6. Habare

After that you'll need to go to six locations and find the pillar. Once you find them, just stand next to them and the achievement should pop up on your screen. The link I provided will show the locations of those pillars.

Then lastly, make sure you have visited all the towns to finish another achievement.

That should be it and you should be able to get both the watermelon pet and the green raptor mount at the same time. There are 4 types of this mount. A red and green colored mount that's permanent, and a red and green mount that only last for a month duration. This post shows how to get the green & permanent version.… shows you the Korean maps so you can find the pillars with ease.

I also helped my kids get one and they where low level character so I know it dont take a high level toon to do it! also you cant sell the pet nor mount just so you know.
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