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Rathalos Winning Dragon Festival Melbourne Florida

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This is a me Rathalos winning against a Knight that fought till his unsettling demise, he was them eaten and spit out since he didnt taste good.
This is a the ONE AND ONLY RATHALOS BATTLE DRAGON made specifically for Live Action Combat and LARPING He will return to The Dragon Festival in Melbourne Florida early 2016 with upgrades , I OWN THIS and MADE THIS  its not something i just took a picture of , want to see more
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Spike (Upset) Plz Dragon Festival?
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the Dragon Festival was born out of the need to have your community dragon , put back on dragon point a land mass near a causeway where 2 rivers come together, on this point for years stood a Dragon shape structure similar to a house. YOu could party in its belly or look out from its mouth , it was build in the 70 (like me) and its years of abuse and weather have taken its tole and it finally collapsed into the river.
Since it was a well loved landmark it was decided to rebuild it. Much aduuu the property is now owned and needs the dragon put back , the Dragon festival raised money to help this happen.
Year one there was no dragon at this festival ,like the property ,I decided to remedy this, and since they have sword fighting and jousting all live steal , I know they needed my talents and more so they needed my Battle dragon , this is the result!
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In Melbourne, huh? I live in Palm Bay, small world. :XD:
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ME too! Cool you should come to the Dragon festival next year for sure!
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I dunno, that stuff isn't really my scene. But that looks cool, good job.