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My Daft Punk Half _ so like exclamation point here

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this is a half a daft punk helmet WIP the basic is
at Holiday Matsuri im throwing a mash ups party so i need a mash ups costume , im unfortunatly short on time with much still to make and finish so this is close and wont receive to much more attention other than the wire details in the rear.
there is 62 leds making up the vision "rainbow" and GA GA will be the other half! if you want to come out to holiday matsuri [link] this con will be filled with events and heelps out toys for tots which is important! so come out and support them and comment!
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Umm... Ahhah...
We see you
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who is we? is there more than on of you there?
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Very fricken nice :D
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thanks alot of short work went into it , the next one that is full head will be premium!
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can't wait to see ;)
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the colors are solid but the next one will feature color changing rgby leds and now that ive made this, i see the way that will work best for making it for full seeing out will be a challenge, this one has 60 foot of wire alone for one side ill be putting up a finished product soon!
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WOW. That is impressive. :D
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very well done! i want that helmet >w>
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thanks its about done now! i cant wait to have it all finished! ill post it once wearable since the response is good!
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Very spiffy helm. :)
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thanks i cant wait to wear it to my Mash Ups party!
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May good times be had by all :)
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thewy will! oh they will
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O.O holy moly that thing is awesome!!! *turns on 'around the world'* awww yeah. How long did it take to make?
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it took about 3 hours to make the paper helmet half since its basic papercraft all programming pepakira and cutting included, the fiberglassing took about a hour, the lens took about 2 hours to cut right it was a one shot deal. the lights took about 2 hours to rig and 2 hours to make them all work right before installing them into the interior panel, and im sure i got another 2 hour stretch ahead for rear wiring and making it hook up to my silly head so it can be worn ,,, so all in all about 12 hours not to bad for half a day but of coarse the work was spread over days since alot of it cant be done one step after another things need dry time and such , and im sure i have at least 4-5 hours of research to get alot of the ideas together, the cost is paper $1 card stock, 14 dollars in leds , $30 security dome for lens , fiberglass maybe 3 bucks plastics used $5 so about $55 or so ,pretty cool for that cost not counting soldier and hot-glue

makes me listen to alive 2007 pricless ,,,, so you thought it was daft punk?
NOPE ,Chuck Testa! lol its seemed like less time and money till i added it all up, since its been in the works for 2 months
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