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Dauntless gonna silence you and be a turd.

If you bought a Founder's pack they said you could play Aug 18th. the 3 founders packs are in tiers Slayer(basic) Hero (middle) and top tier Founder.
Then they said in 3 different emails Purchase Founder' pack to play! Even telling me I would play Aug 18th ,play tomorrow, play today. But for $40 more dollars
I had already bought a Founder's pack back in May on the 6th. So the 18th come and no email on how to play even thou i got the countdown email?
Confused i went to the site to find only Founders pack/ founders tier would be playing, I got to the forum to complain and Vola my thread closed followed
by me being Banned from Play dauntless dot com and anything else dauntless. A few emails came in telling me I was disruptive and spamming with my unpopular opinion.
The person who banned me was a Dev Ian Tornay said directly

I wanted to write you to let you know that you have been suspended from the forums for spamming.

I understand that you are upset and that you feel taken advantage of. As I explained to you, this is not our intention and we have been very forward about what is offered with each pack -- and we have been very open about refunds.

You were issued a refund. If you did not understand what was posted on the webpage, I apologize. However, we are doing everything to make this right for you, and your behavior on the forum is disruptive. In turn, you will not be able to participate.

If you have a problem or a question with our business practices, you are welcome to bring it to our attention in public. But you are not allowed to bother other players with it in unrelated threads.



But they call them all Founder's packs with different tiers.
First email in May read

We are proud to announce that the Dauntless Founder's Alpha will launch on August 18th.

Slayers who purchase Founder-tier packs
will be able to explore the Shattered Isles in
this first publicly available version of Dauntless.

We will also be lifting the NDA during the
Founder's Alpha, allowing Slayers to stream
and capture content. We believe in the
power of content creators!


Play Dauntless Day One
on August 18th

This told me I would play seeing that i bought a Founder's Pack Slayers tier.


The Founder's Alpha starts on August 18th.

Soon, Slayers from around the world will start their hunt in the Shattered Isles, defending it from the Behemoth onslaught.

You can join the Founder's Alpha when you upgrade to a Founder-Tier Pack.
10 AM PDT, August 18th

6 PM PDT, August 30th

Later I learned Founder no s meant Tier, while Founder's with a 's means generally all packages. Slayers is the community or players at large ,thus Slayer in not just one player but rather the Tier of package.
Mindful i bought mine back in may and they only need say Slayer and Hero tier play Sept 1st, While Founder tier play early August 18th. there was no dates when i bought in.
Looking back to the emails they use these term interchangeably and then defend themselves with retorts that i misread it thus for spamming and need to be banned, I looked to see if this was isolated case but no im not alone many other players also thought the same thing and when they tryed to stand up they where also banned and booted IP blocked for life for.  So sending me emails to hype me for playing where just not needed. Try stating this in the forums get banned from both the forums and the game for life..... Spend your money there if you want but i would say BUYER BEWARE they are rotten.
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So in other words, you confused yourself and attempted to blame the developers by spamming the forums.

Good job...
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franchii-manchiiProfessional Artisan Crafter
Close but its the dev's fault ,I have not thought about this dumb ass game for ages. I have not missed out on anything much at all from what i heard.
Upon official launch for the game they lifted all bans and guess what? I still didn't even so much as give them the satisfaction of trying it.
Monster Hunter has once again stomped them into the ground as i knew it would.
Your smug little avatar says all that needs to be said about someone coming in to attack me and very very late to the party.
So go pander your crap elsewhere.

Some people are such losers. Some people are you! Thanks for your unknowledgeable and late opinion.


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What a pathetic loser. Heh.
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franchii-manchiiProfessional Artisan Crafter
you sure are a sad little guy. the fact you even responded shows that. next you will be shilling for the game makers and sucking them off. pitiful
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You insulting me doesn't lend credence to your argument, pitiful child. All it does is make you look incompetent at both talking to people and gaming!
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franchii-manchiiProfessional Artisan Crafter
your ability to find a old dead topic and try and beat it is astounding, so as a troll you pretty much fail why not go back to NPC land and fuck right off. fucking shill boy
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Cry some more, hahahahahahaha

Your ad hominem attacks just make your arguments look weaker and weaker, pally :D
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franchii-manchiiProfessional Artisan Crafter
who is crying? your the one crying about it. your late no one is watching this. its just you and me im not making any point at this time,, like i said you are so late to super we done finished the leftovers. picking a "fight" on a old issue is just dumb no one care about this game anymore its not even current enough to matter. Its had MHWolrd dropped on it and its dead property we got what we really wanted and not a crappy knock off of monster hunter, which is all it ever was,, so sad just like you. so do ahead and repley ill be happy to tell you the same thing again and again. NPC Troll Pwnage guy lol even your name is laughable what are you 10.
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That is incredibly shitty. Shame it happened.
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franchii-manchiiProfessional Artisan Crafter
Yep it sure is I tried explaining i could have misread the dialogue used since Slayer(s) is the player, the tier, and the community at large .
Founders are Slayers that committed to buying before hand thus a pack, and the highest tier but not the slayer tier, and the name given for all slayers even at the lower tiers slayers and heros?
My retort was they could have called the tiers Hunters Heros and Super Heros! or something else others than founder and slayers and that would have made they whole thing easier to understand. and i get banned!
I dont know about you but this got my head spinning real fast, i got 3 kids i work 50 a week and I dont have time to pour over details of most unreleased games. I rather spend my little spare time on quality gaming and streaming.

On top of that I run the largest Monster Hunter Costuming site on Earth and was willing to offer them much praise there, but i didnt slam them there after all went wrong cause i am professional on my site and I dont even make money off it, i dont even have ads for F sake.
I wish their PR skills where better and we could have had a civil understanding rather than ban my IP for life cause I missed out on the transparent nature of their business. Since when can you be spamming in your own forum topic. Which Ian locked soon as he seen it so no further discussion could be had and the others that didnt understand could stand up and say what about us? we paid our $40 you sent all of us emails telling us that we would play and now we have to spend 39.99 more if we want to play.... Its just shitty.

I also noticed a influx of bored person, the game not working for roughly 1/4 of the players and many people whom thought the game would be more, I understand it was a alpha and still is,,, but now im just laying in wait for MONSTER HUNTER WORLDS it looks so good, so polished exactly the game dauntless will never be. I would have talked at least 30 people personally into playing, dauntless missed out more than i did. At this time I would not even play it for free, I'm buying a second PS4 so me and my son can play MHW together and I bolstered up the PC's in my house with rx580 to run MHW smoothly when the PC version comes out , so you can tell ill spend money on games. I dont mind spending money on games I just dont like feeling tricked. If you went to the theater for the next hero movie and you already payed 6 months ago, you would not think you would have to wait for it to come to DVD...... thats how i felt.
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Nono, I agree and it's completely unfair, but crappy PR seems to be a thing nowadays. "Someone complaint? BAN 'EM! That'll show them to back talk us or say we did something wrong!"
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franchii-manchiiProfessional Artisan Crafter
Its a sort of god complex they wield the power , many large developers choose to say and do nothing, which might be smarter. When you let a games actual employee PR they are going to be butt hurt that you have a issue with the way they are handling things. its sort of like complaining to the director of a movie that you didnt like it. It's actually your opinion but its his baby so of coarse he will defend it. But i feel my problem was just in miswording and didnt need to end in banning me from playing. the easy fix was A. let me play , B. simply explain that it might have been confusing and that they are sorry , C. do nothing (let me vent) keep my money and see me back in a few weeks , D. throwing shade and life ban me DING DING DING thats the winner
Option A Im happy they get money i spread good word
Option B I might not be happy but at least i know you understand the concern
Option C I vent you keep a player that is possibly unhappy but mabey they change their mind after a while.
Option D I tell everyone i know All my friends also pull out and get refunds they loss money i lose respect for the company
Option E I put that money into monster hunter worlds, Ive already bought another ps4 and 2 copies of the game i know when Im going to play exactly and im happy and ps and capcom have even more money. Dauntless folds as they cant keep the doors open once MHW releases and all the players go to worlds cause its what we wanted anyhow.
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