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Hello, I'm Manchii as a follow Renamon lover and Owner of my own Papercrafting site with over 1500 models to download, (www.techdollogi...



Dauntless gonna silence you and be a turd.

If you bought a Founder's pack they said you could play Aug 18th. the 3 founders packs are in tiers Slayer(basic) Hero (middle) and top tier Founder.
Then they said in 3 different emails Purchase Founder' pack to play! Even telling me I would play Aug 18th ,play tomorrow, play today. But for $40 more dollars
I had already bought a Founder's pack back in May on the 6th. So the 18th come and no email on how to play even thou i got the countdown email?
Confused i went to the site to find only Founders pack/ founders tier would be playing, I got to the forum to complain and Vola my thread closed followed
by me being Banned from Play dauntless dot com and anything else dauntless. A few emails came in telling me I was disruptive and spamming with my unpopular opinion.
The person who banned me was a Dev Ian Tornay said directly

I wanted to write you to let you know that you have been suspended from the forums for spamming.

I understand that you are upset and that you feel taken advantage of. As I explained to you, this is not our intention and we have been very forward about what is offered with each pack -- and we have been very open about refunds.

You were issued a refund. If you did not understand what was posted on the webpage, I apologize. However, we are doing everything to make this right for you, and your behavior on the forum is disruptive. In turn, you will not be able to participate.

If you have a problem or a question with our business practices, you are welcome to bring it to our attention in public. But you are not allowed to bother other players with it in unrelated threads.



But they call them all Founder's packs with different tiers.
First email in May read

We are proud to announce that the Dauntless Founder's Alpha will launch on August 18th.

Slayers who purchase Founder-tier packs
will be able to explore the Shattered Isles in
this first publicly available version of Dauntless.

We will also be lifting the NDA during the
Founder's Alpha, allowing Slayers to stream
and capture content. We believe in the
power of content creators!


Play Dauntless Day One
on August 18th

This told me I would play seeing that i bought a Founder's Pack Slayers tier.


The Founder's Alpha starts on August 18th.

Soon, Slayers from around the world will start their hunt in the Shattered Isles, defending it from the Behemoth onslaught.

You can join the Founder's Alpha when you upgrade to a Founder-Tier Pack.
10 AM PDT, August 18th

6 PM PDT, August 30th

Later I learned Founder no s meant Tier, while Founder's with a 's means generally all packages. Slayers is the community or players at large ,thus Slayer in not just one player but rather the Tier of package.
Mindful i bought mine back in may and they only need say Slayer and Hero tier play Sept 1st, While Founder tier play early August 18th. there was no dates when i bought in.
Looking back to the emails they use these term interchangeably and then defend themselves with retorts that i misread it thus for spamming and need to be banned, I looked to see if this was isolated case but no im not alone many other players also thought the same thing and when they tryed to stand up they where also banned and booted IP blocked for life for.  So sending me emails to hype me for playing where just not needed. Try stating this in the forums get banned from both the forums and the game for life..... Spend your money there if you want but i would say BUYER BEWARE they are rotten.
Melona Queens Blade , se is almost inpossible to draw. F.S. has some sort of magicail shit he does to her that makes her awesome no one else has it , this makes me sad cause she is such a cool character. As if that bad enough to at insult to injury, She is Even more redonkulous to Cosplay. No one gets it all right. some get parts but one one gets it all. Hey girls her clothes aint Cloth its SLIME , when you use cloth it looks like cloth I know mine was cloth too but I made 30 costumes in 40 days and my cool material i made for her was not agreeing with the rest of the costume.
SO you need see thru material , then add Silicone like dragon skin to it to make slime.
The pattern Its seperate peices she has a skirt and a top .
Her Hair AINT HAIR ITS SLIME! make this with Silicone too.
work this out people
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday, Franchii!
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Ok cool! I might have to try one at some point!
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Yep Normal size paper only a little thicker , we use cardstock 110 weight instead of average printer paper.
But i do have a extra device that cuts out the patterns like a CNC machine does so i dont have to hand cut ,which is worth it if you plan to do more than 5 models that way which i have about 100 or more ive made. making it totally worth while!
Eddie-chan Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
Aww that stinks. :(
I took a look at your site! It's super cool! Do you print the armor pieces out on 8.5x11 paper or do you have a bigger printer?
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