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According to early reports from Harlan Ellison, a fire April 6 at the home of accomplished comics writer Len Wein and his wife, Christine Valada, has destroyed at least half the house.  Sadly the couple's dog was killed in the fire.  

on a side note: Lost to the fire was the original art for the cover of Giant-Size X-Men #1 and the original pages from Incredible Hulk #181, the first appearance of Wolverine.  Information on helping Len to rebuild his file-copy library of his own works once the rebuilding is underway... check out Mark Evanier's blog:…
Buffy is one of our own, and one of the very best.  She is very sick, and I mean really really sick, and it breaks my heart.  I believe in the power of prayer.  See it work wonders with my own eyes... so please keep a good thought in your heart, for her speedy recovery.…

We love you buffy, get well soon!!!

03-31-2009 update--

She's Baaaaack!
No, not an April Fools Prank
Pixeltease is BACK!

Spring has Sprung!

Convention Season is gearing up...
Thinking about doing something different... but coming across a few stumbling blocks.

The whole point of a Comic-Con (or at least it used to be) was the easy access to countless people in Artists Alley, who were beyond reach in any other environment.  I am a big fan of collecting convention sketches... and love each and every one I own.  I've been fortunate that there are folks out there over the years, that actually want sketches from me.  Sketches are pretty much hit or miss... so I never want to be the guy who does the sucky one in the pile.  


So I spend way more time on them than I probably ever should.  Stopping the sketching is not an option either... I love my fans too much to be that guy who sits there all weekend, and won't lift a pencil even once.

I want to be as fair as possible to everyone.  There are only so many sketches I can do over a particular weekend, and I rarely get to work on a sketch for more than 5 minutes at a time.  The minute I touch pencil to the Bristol Board, someone comes up to say "hi" or to get a comic book signed, or pick up a sketchbook, or a print, etc., etc...  Those are all good things. I feel blessed that it happens from the minute I get there to the minute the show ends.  I love all that stuff-- so I don't want to sound like I'm complaining.  I also love to draw, but if all I wanted to do was draw... I can easily do that from home, and skip the long lines at the airport.  Not to mention the high cost of travel these days.

I've been able to keep my fans happy over the years, by getting caught up on the sketch-list after the show closes... by not accepting dinner invites from friends.  Its gotten to the point folks have simply stopped asking me to join them for dinner.  While everyone is out Bar-Con Hopping and Hotel Party Popping... I am back in my room sketching like a madman.  I need to try to have a life one of these days, and figured less sketches is one way to go.  I do so few of them as it is... less sketches is practically no sketches.

Figured I can do sketches ahead of time, by honoring requests from people who reach out to me before the show.  But that is my dilemma... I already have a commissions list, and that is pretty unwieldy as it is.  Those pieces go for way more, since they are more detailed and stuff.  I don't want the convention sketches to blow chunks either...  I always try to do more, not less.  The sketch-list should not be just about folks who have deeper pockets.  

:wow: wow... Now I am more confused than ever--

Aside from my usual "first come first served ...once the list is full --it's full".  I am open to any and all suggestions from you fine folks who sketch at ComicCons, or who collect sketches at ComicCons...