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By Franchesco
Hello Deviants... its 2019... lets keep our feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars!!

Compliments, of my friends on Patreon!!
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Dang, I like this!!
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That's awesome!
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Nice to see something from ya Franchesco,  What has been keeping you busy in the last three or so years?!
yeah, I post 1 piece every 3 years here, even though I have been more ARTistically PROlific in the last 5 years - lol
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I like rock and roll girls
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Thanks for the shout out, Letmeseebeauty
You're very welcome 
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Nice your Facebook version is so nice as well. 
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Thank you, Zepeda... yeah... the facebook one is the "official" one I'm going with,  but figured I would share the cutting room floor scraps as well.  
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Cool! Nice to see you around these parts again too...missed you since I quit Facebook!
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Hey there Dave... now that you mention it, haven't seen you on FB... but that would explain it.

Assumed it was just algorithm... may I ask why you quit Facebook?

Been so long since I was here on DA... forgot my sign on.  Good to be back
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Great to have you back! I've noticed a number of artists coming back to dA recently.. it has to be a good thing!

Too much drama on fb.... the less I used it, the happier I felt so just decided I could live without it.
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This makes me uncomfortably attracted to Paul Stanley.
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Lol... sorry about that  :D  (not sorry)
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Just don't post the Gene Simmons one!
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You're not the boss of me

(lol... no problem)  :D
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I'd actually really love to see them all... not that I'm bossing you!
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Thanks for the shout out, Wild Pegasus.
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Lovely Starchild there. Kiss inspired?
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100% yes.  Its even more "kiss" on the versions posted on my Patreon Page.

I did one representing each original band member.
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Going to have to check it out.
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