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By Franchesco
Love them classy dames... way hot!
Graphite on Bristol w/Digital Colors

thanks for looking :w00t:
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OH MY!!!I'm so in love with your art!
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Lovely!!! Love her outfit as well as her pose very elegant!!!
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love the addition of the long train on silk spectre
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Veeeery well done!! :D
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Really love how vibrant and shiny it all is. I am in awe of the hands too, hands are something I really struggle with so I am always impressed by a nice, femanine pair of hands. How strange do I sound now? :)
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Awesome work here
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Nicely done bro!
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why one glove? *asks the annoying girl at the back of the class*
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good question, annoying girl at the back of the class...
(love that... but you are so not annoying)

All kidding aside, not sure why she has only one glove. Its the costume design they used for the Watchmen movie. Not sure if it is a reflection of the one used in the comic book, or just something that seemed like a good idea at the time. All I know is that the actress who played the character in the movie totally rocked that one glove. Yowsa!

Although I did modify the skirt a bit... okay, a lot... I still stuck pretty close to the original design.

okay, in case I forgot to mention this earlier... you have to stay after class and clean the chalkboards... that will teach you to ask questions in class next time.

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*smirks and shuffles up to clean the black board*
That answers my question thank you kindly sir :D
Now I will have to re-watch the movie,again, to see the glove
AND the comic book to compare....and I second the opinion on
the level of you say.....heat that actress emits ;)
Your work is lovely makes me drool....*looks down and her soaked school jumper* uh oh 0.0
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Cool job Franchesco! I like your unique style of drawing and coloring. :)
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I love your Silk Spectre design version!!! There's a classic feel to it with bits of modernism! ;)
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She's stunning! :D
tndrhrtd37's avatar
I love that pose... Wonderful piece dear...
RogueDerek's avatar
Beautiful! I'm definitely saving this.
Classy and sexy.
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Very nice as usual good sir. :nod:
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Wow Franchesco, she is absolutely stunning!!! If my nic doesn't give away what I think is best about this picture, I'd say her legs are amazing.. You've got such a solid feminine pose to an iconic Graphic Novel heroine and to cap that off put some incredibly stylistic fashion to her bringing beauty and elegance. her legs make me want to cry they are so lovely and the stockings are spot on accurate to make us lovers drool. The chiffon of her skirt is a great addition to making the image warm and suits well to mirror the smiley in the back. Nice touch tying her relationship to the Comedian in one solid pinup.... PAINT THIS ON MY CAR!!!

Love it, love it!! Would die to see you do one of Zatanna with sheer hose on instead of fishnets *cry*
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Very cool. Amazingly vibrant colors. Lookit those gams :)
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Thank you MENTAL PABLUM!! I really appreciate the compliment. :)
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