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Dr. Manhattan

By Franchesco
A great line from Watchmen says something like: "rain falls on the just and unjust alike."

Life isn't fair, and life is way too short as it is, so why let any haters make it less than the very best it can be.

There is no controlling what life throws our way, we can only control how we react to it. I have recently been through a very difficult ordeal, as a direct result from unimaginable haters deriving way too much joy from spewing their venom... and I have come through it stronger, and much wiser as a result.

It is always darkest before the dawn, so hang on tight until the darkness fades. Yep, this too shall pass. Sitting here now, its hard to imagine what all that fuss was all about. Time really does heal all wounds.

If I'm not mistken:
Dr. Manhattan had the super power to change matter on a molecular level... so maybe small things like the color purple on this website, can become the catalyst to make a world of difference in someone's life.

As always, thanks for looking
(and bartender... kryptonite to all haters!)

for Watchmen purists, uncensored version here ---> [link]
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© 2010 - 2021 Franchesco
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L'Uomo Vitruviano. Your art is rich in fantasy, much like another of my favorite graphic artists--Rex West.  Your colors are like those of David LaChapelle.   It's like you took two minds and married them. Throw in a dash of Joel-Peter Witkin.  Would love to know if you ever do erotica.  BTW--we share the same birthday.  Thank you.
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Amazing - great idea!
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haha, i found it funny.
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Epic and awesome. ;D
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Aweosme one of Dr Matthatenen here
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Aweosme one of Dr Matthatenen here
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It's a good thing that you left out the blue Johnson.
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Awesome take on Dr Manhattan!
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Another great piece. Great attention to detail on him and the background.
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Neat art.

What you wrote is very true, but it's also hard for a lot of people to practice that belief. To paraphrase something that I think I read in Stephen Covey's Seven Habits, you have to carry your own weather with you all the time rather than being affected by what's going on outside. I think there was a song I recently heard that had that same message.

By the way, if I am not mistaken, Dr. Manhattan sometimes wore underpants, and I think he even wore a suit at one point in the graphic novel (might be getting it confused with the movie).
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Nice pic and great lines, I really enjoied reading what you wrote and I kinda need it!

did not get why the color purple can become a catalyst for change though
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Thanks for the kind words about the Pic, and glad the words resonated with you, PENDRYM.

Ah yes, the color purple was a mystery to me as well. This website's header went purple for a couple of days, instead of the usual Deviantart-Green... in support of Spirit Day. So DA went purple, and encouraged folks to post stuff with purple in it.

It was a national movement that was news to me until I came to this webstite. Designed to bring awareness to stop hating on gays, and hopefully give folks who don't have a support network in place, or have no where to turn to, an alternative to choosing to take their own lives when things get too much to bear...)

You may have heard in the news recently of those two morally bankrupt people who thought it was funny to out his roommate by secretly taping him having sex, and then post it on the internet, where other misguided people though it was funny to make fun of them. The guy took his own life shortly there after... experts say its hard to say if the video or being outed was the reason... but the timing and the circumstances makes it easy to connect the dots on what pushed the guy over the edge.

Weather it was taping two guys or two girls or a guy and a girl is irrelevant in my mind... its a pretty shitty thing to do to another person, no matter what their sexual orientation might be. Haters are gonna hate, but thankfully its not considered as acceptable behavior as much as it used to be in most civilized social circles. Folks still get pats on the back for hating ...but they gotta do it behind closed doors now. So for me, Spirit Day was even deeper than one group of folks who like to hate on one group of folks... I like to think of it as hating any person for any reason needs to be held accountable, and never applaud/encourage anyone for hating on someone else.

In the spirit of Spirit Day... Far as I'm concerned Gay, Lesbian, Straight... who effin' cares... love who you love, and the haters can just go fuck themselves. Life it too short as it is... live it with love in your life if you're lucky enough to find it.
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Hating is always wrong, yes. It stems from lack of happiness and falling into a wrong behaviour that only worsen the situation. Those who do not understand it suffers because of it and make others suffer as well.
I did not hear the news about the suicide, but I have heard of other news regarding hate about racism and sex discrimination all around the world. I find that race and sexual orientation are nothing to judge or condamn, it is just a way to find oneself and so all orientations are ok.
All in all, it should simply be: do what you want as long as you don't hurt anyone, that's how I see it.
I just try not to hate haters, to keep up only with positive feelings ;)

Wishing you a very nice day, one of an endless multitude

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Wow, Marco... you so said it... hate is hate, even if its aimed at haters... no matter how well intended-- it's still hate. Excellent point, thanks for opening up my eyes.

thank you, and wishing you all the best as well. :D
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you're welcome!
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Watchmen is one of my favorite comics:dance:. Excellent illustration of Dr. Manhattan.
Life here in my country is more peaceful, just a few tremors.
The latest news from my country was the rescue of 33 miners. Hahaha, my country is very entertaining, all disasters happen:D:D:D. Congratulations for your work my friend. Greetings:highfive:
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Fantastic work!!
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Nice take on Da Vinci's Vitruvian man!
I'm a huge Watchman fan, and Doc is one of my favorite fictional characters of all-time...
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Thanks ATOM!!

um, you... a Watchman fan??? I don't believe you!
(looks at your bloody smiley avatar)
Nope I couldn't imagine you liking Watchmen...
not even a little bit... :D

All kidding aside, thanks for the props on the pic.. your smiley avatar adds just the right amount of sheer awesome to this thread... Thank you!
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Thanks & you're welcome, I do what I can...heheheh

I had this idea not too long ago, though you executed the concept much better that I would have ^_^b
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amazing application :) as usual masterful Franchesco!
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Hey there Master, SERGHAD! Thank you my friend.

You are the complete opposite of "haters"... if there were more people like you in this world... it would definitely be a better place. Hoping life is treating you well... you and yours deserve all the very best that life has to offer.
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