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from the Fresco Vaults... circa 1997

Graphite on a monstrous sheet of 19x24 Bristol Board (a double-page spread without the slice in the middle). The logistics of working on a single sheet that size, makes working on regular size paper afterward --feel like drawing on a trading card.

I know it doesn't look like graphite. It's a scan of a reduced xerox of a reduced xerox of a reduced xerox. I have the original hanging on the wall... its the first thing I see every time I walk through the door.

:wave: thanks for looking...
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ogrebearHobbyist General Artist
Now that's a cool piece.

That is an exceptionally handsome and cheeky Beast there!
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NarkedHobbyist Traditional Artist
One of my favorite teams from back in the day, Val, Hellcat and the Red Guardian made it worth buying especially when the book was draw by the great Keith
Giffen! He drew some fine gals!
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RalphNieseProfessional General Artist
dr. strange just needs some swell disco boots and he´s ready for XANADU/Flashdance action :D hehe
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That's a big piece of art man - awesome. I used to collect the Defenders like a crazy kid when it first started. Ahhh the memories....another oldie goodie from you.
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TULIO19mxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow!! These is totally awesome!! Great work!!!
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kyriaProfessional General Artist
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NickMockoviakProfessional Traditional Artist
You were crazy back then Francho. And I love it.
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Wow.. now that's epic. Apparently you were pretty damn awesome 12 years ago too :)
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EssbeeEscobarProfessional Traditional Artist
Yeah. U were nuts.

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The detail in this is magnificent. Every character could easily stand on their own as a separate image.
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Salvador-RagaProfessional General Artist
It's nice to see this post because now we can see your progress during these years!
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BbedlamHobbyist Traditional Artist
I recognize everyone except the girl in the top left corner. Who is it? tell me, or it'll drive me nuts! :)
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Good question, BBEDLAM. But you have me confused with someone who will actually say it... just like that? Say it ain't so, bro.

What if I give you a clue... or two?

If the metallic head band does not instantly give it away... she shares the same "last name" of a "savage" character I am closely associated with.

Bbedlam's avatar
BbedlamHobbyist Traditional Artist
Um... is it Namorita?
Franchesco's avatar
Sorry, no.

think the color "green". :D
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BbedlamHobbyist Traditional Artist
man, you're killing me here.

Franchesco's avatar
Okay, okay... maybe I've been too vague, BBEDLAM.

That guess is close to one of the clues. Folks seem to like my take on the GREEN goddess... she-DRAGON... who is closely associated with She-Hulk.

so... the lady in question's name, ends in "DRAGON" and her costume is "GREEN".

new clue: telepathic powers.

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BbedlamHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohh.. so it's Moondragon! If you had just given the clue "the bald chick" I'd have nailed it a lot earlier :)

I think what threw me off was she looks ... happy. And I always remember Moondragon being a perpetually pissed off woman.
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theartystProfessional Traditional Artist
a Superb job :w00t: perchance - do I see Angel doing a "Frank Zane" Mr Olympia Pose ?
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REFLEX76Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice line work! I can't wait to get my wacom! I'd love to see that colored.
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Was there EVER a time you weren't BAD@$$ Fresco????
Great job on this!
StardustDragon's avatar
Well I can definitely tell it's more recent than the last one, as you're starting to nail down your anatomy.

It's a very interesting montage to say the least too.
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:love: valkayre :love:
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