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By Franchesco
Graphite on Brisol Board... with quick digital colors

Convention Sketch from Chicago Comic Con, over the weekend. Thanks to all the deviants who stopped by Artists Alley and said "hello" ...much appreciated!!

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© 2010 - 2021 Franchesco
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awesome!!! great artwork!
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Very cool, I like the perspective!
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thank you, PIKA!! :D
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Badass. Is he jumping towards Spidey?
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TenguArts's avatar
Deadpool....gotta luv it!
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well now... with a cool avatar like the one you have, FUTURE PARKER... then this thread is in good shape.

Deadpool avatar for the win! :#1:
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Awesome. BTW Deadpool is my favorite character from the Marvel universe.;)
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I think its awesome that you say its awesome, ANTON!!!

and if he's one of your favorites, if not your very favorite, and you dig it... then that there is high praise indeed.

thanks 'fo dat :w00t:
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¡Mmh! Deadpool- Remember him from marvel (and Wolverine's film too) Great art piece, my friend.
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thank you my friend... I appreciate the kind words on the drawing, KALI!!

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why is spidey in his blade?
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awww yeah... that's the stuff.

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Great work! I Like the perspective
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Hello there my friend... thank you for the shout-out TULIO!! :highfive:
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