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Graphite on Bristol w/Buckets of Fun

This is for my buddy, Dan... for ARGO5
Dedicated to the Memory of my buddy, Pat Carlucci.

Pat may no longer be with us,
but he is certainly not forgotten.
His legacy lives on in his swanky creations,
and here is hoping I did them some justice in the process.
If he could see this today...
my hope is that he would be pleased.

thanks for looking :wave:

***I will only be doing pencils here,
so if a badass artist out there wants a go at it,
please note me for the highres.
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great compositions and talent. As a guy who loves to talent pales. All the best.
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Now that's a very cool page- like that Villains design!
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holy cow! what a splash page!
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un pueblo entero en una pagina.
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Awesome,your friend musta been a real creative mind!
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I love how you can put so much detail and people and overall STUFF to your pictures without them looking messy or incoherent :0 ♥
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OH... MY.... GOD...... you are COMICGOD !!!!!!!! :omg: :omg: :omg: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
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I wouldn't mind a high res of this to do some inks on. RIP Pat.
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Oh buddy... will do.
and God Bless him... may he rest in peace!

thanks :highfive:
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Absolutely fabulous!
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muito bom!!!!
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You have GOT to draw more pages!!!!!
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This is amazing man! Incredible detail, definitely cool to see amongst all of your pin-up art. your characters look awesome, but your background is pretty sweet too. Awesome job, man! Looks like you put a lot of time into it. :)
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Sweeeet!!!! As always!!! Great work!
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I guarantee Pat is smiling from heaven on this one, bro! Excellent work!
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I didn't know him all that well but, I think the reason I draw as well as do is thanks in no small part to his help on the hotinks forums. R.I.P. Pat.
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Stunning. Pat would do back flips over this.
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This looks... awesome. Huge, huge respect for the work you put into this, Franchesco. Wow. I can only imagine the time spent! Beautiful work. I've actually done some work for Dan too, so I know the Argo5 cast pretty well - I'm actually embarrassed now, because you've done them so much better than I did! :XD:

I applaud you! Bravo!
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Woah, so much going on, I don't even know where to begin...Just great!
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Holy S*^& Batman! That's a helluva lot goin' on in one pic. Pretty awesome, dude!
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thank you much, CJAM... digging the props on the pic.
I think its pretty awesome, that you think its pretty awesome. :highfive:
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wow, is really great!! :wow: :typerhappy:
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