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Argentino (or 'Tino for short) is the name of the talisman Xstacy was blessed with, and is holding in this image I selected for my latest Sketchbook Cover. Biggie thanks to all the deviants who stopped by Wizard World Chicago, and said "hello" ---> [link]

I also appreciate all who made the Argentino Sketchbook, sell out faster than I could have possibly imagined. The printer is making more as we speak, so thanks to all who pre-ordered over the weekend. Look for them in your snail-mailbox a.s.a.p.

and as always... thanks for looking :)
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Oh! that´s "Argentino" I tought It will be something from Argentina hahaha!!! Nice draw!!!
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I love her glossy clawed gloves... yummy!
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as always, stunning work. I love this.
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"Blast from the past", well sorta... Great Image!!
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You've got really great stuff Franchesco. Always a pleasure
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I see your work Francho, and I'm constantly inspired to push myself more and more.

Keep at it.
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I just wanted to say thanks again for the veggie tales drawing for my son, Connor. Everyone, I gotta say this guy is the nicest, kindest man in comics by far. Always a happy face and a kind word at the cons. (unless you're waiting for the elevator at the parking garage, then you might wonder who pushed all the buttons)

I love ya man, Keep up the great work! Im sure I'll see you again at the cons. Good luck with the Image project aswell.
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That's gorgeous. I really appreciate the way the tight leather is rendered. I swear I can't make heads or tails of doing it in my own art. It's like some secret knowledge only a precious few are privy to...
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Let me help you out, DUAL MASK. The secret is: all you have to do is have a model sit for you, licking her lips, leaning forward, dressed in luxurious latex.

I have at any given time, 5 or 10 scantily clad models in various stages of dress and undress in my studio-- you know, peeling me some grapes, sharpening my pencils, sweeping up eraser shavings, dusting my Wacom Tablet, giving me back rubs, and foot massages... etc., etc.

(no not really... but man wouldn't THAT be cool?) :D
thanks for the props, my friend.
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You're the man, Franchesco. :)
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impressive as always, the way you draw the woman figure is amazing
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I am not worthy, but I hope to come close to coming close one day... to deserving those kind words. Thank you, ANDROSM! :)
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you are really welcome
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that is officially one of my favorite posts, ever...

I appreciate that, SUKH! :)
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Amazing! Your work always makes me smile. :D
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You wanna know what's even more amazing?
No, not spiderman... YOU!

Every time I see a kind word from you, it always makes me smile. And every time I see your beautiful artwork, it makes me smile (and not sure why, but my pants suddenly get tight in the crotch) Keep up the beautiful work, Buffy!

all the very best :hug:
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Just remember if the tightness in yer pants lasts for more than four hours seek madical attention immediately. :evillaugh:
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lovely as usual franchesco. wish i could be at sdcc this year to actually talk with you and buy your lovely artwork sir.
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Thank you kindly, JOLENE...

and wishing you could make it out to San Diego as well. Until we do cross paths, thankfully we have the great DEVIANT ART to help us all keep in touch with one another.

Hoping all is well where you are! :)
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of coures! things are alright over here. I hope you have a fantastic year at sdcc :D
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awesome as I've come to expect from ya :XD:
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You are too kind, ARTYST!!!
I appreciate the compliment. :D
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